Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


11. Since When?

It was lunch time. I got my food from the food court and sat down next to Alley. There was little smirk coming from her which made me a little curious. Soon it became a big smile and I just had to ask what was her deal. "OK Alley I waited long enough. Why are you so happy?"I asked. "I met a guy last night while I was walking around with Kendall and Katelyn." Kendall and Katelyn are Alley's friends but I never made any interactions with them. "OK tell me his name?"I asked. "Louis."She smiled. I furrowed my eyebrows. "Go on."I continued. "He has this weird eye color and he is upsessed with stripes."She said. What the hell was Louis doing last night? "I know him."I smirked. "You do?"She asked. "Yea that's Liam's brother."I said. "Oh no wonder with the eyes."She said. "What's wrong with Liam's eyes?"I asked. "Oh nothing's wrong. I mean Liam has the eyes too and you just told me they're related so."She said. I nodded. "Do you like him?"I asked. "Yes a lot. He likes me back. I know because he gave his number and said to call him.Besides he called me beautiful!"She smiled widely. I chuckled. "Maybe you two should go on a date."I suggested. "Maybe we should. I'll give him call."She said getting up. She walked into the bathroom to call him. I got up and walked over to Liam's table. "Louis has a crush on Alley."I smiled. "Since when did he fall in love?"He asked. "What do you mean?"I asked. "Louis had a human girlfriend before. Eleanor. They were in love but she moved away and he never heard from her again. Ever since he hasn't fallen in love with anyone."He sighed. Maybe it was bad idea for Alley to call Louis and ask him to dinner. "Well he gave Alley his number."I said. Liam raised his giant eyebrow and looked over at me. "Maybe he's giving it another shot. Where did he an Alley even meet?"He asked. "I don't know somewhere on the street. I guess they got talking."I said. "Go back to your table she's coming back."Liam said. I gave him a quick kiss and walked back over to my seat. Alley rushed over faster than ever. "He said yes!"She smiled. I smiled and looked over at Liam. I gave him a thumbs up to know Louis was definitely looking for love. 

Louis's POV: I hung up my phone. I was ready to love another since Eleanor left me. I opened my closet door and stared at my lucky outfit. Blue and white striped shirt with my red jeans. "It's been awhile since I've worn you."I said pulling it out. I looked at it. I hope it still fits. I put it on my bed and tried to look for a place to take Alley out for dinner. "Boobear?"Harry's voice made me jump a little. I took my outfit and shoved back into my closet. I sat back down on my bed. "Come in Hazza."I said. He walked in. A smile grew on his face when he saw me. "Harry I have important news."I smiled. "What?"He asked. "I'm going on a date!"I exclaimed. His mouth dropped open. "Thats great Louis!"He smiled. "I know!"I said. "What's her name?"He asked. "Alley."I said. "She must be special then."He said. "She's so nice and beautiful."I said. I couldn't keep my mind off her to hear what Harry was saying. "Louis?"He asked. "Oh what was that?"I asked.  "Would you like to go hunting?"He asked. I nodded and we went out. 

Cassie's POV: I over heard Louis and Harry talking. Louis finally found someone to love! Awe how sweet is that? Although the only thing bad is the fact that Phobos is already after Shianne. Now he'll come after Alley too. (Vision) They came coming in groups of two. Phobos leading them. Smirking. There were to many for us to fight off. We couldn't do this alone. (Reality) Shit! Phobos is bringing his army. I ran to Paul and Spencer. They needed to know. "Guys we need more people to fight with us. Phobos is going to have his army."I yelled. Bern and Niall looked up from their books all wide eyed. "Since when does Phobos use his coven for something like this?"Paul asked. "I don't know Paul but we need someone to help us."I said. "The Wolves."Spencer said. Niall shot straight out of his chair. "Heck No! Not after what they did to Tara."He growled. "Niall we have no choice. It's for the best."Paul said. "Well then I'm not fighting. Tara was my best friend. I had feelings for her and those damn dogs ruined it all."He said. "Niall you have to fight. For Liam's sake. He needs you."Spencer said. "Fine. For Liam and Shianne."He sighed sitting back down. "Cassie I assume you don't want to fight as well? You know because of Liam."Paul said. "I could care less about Liam. I'm only doing this for Shianne."I said. If Liam hates me and says we can't fix the past then let it be. I'm tired of him. After this fight, Harry and I are leaving like he wanted us to. "Where's Harry and Louis?"Spencer asked. "Hunting and oh that's another thing. Louis might be getting a human of his own. Her name is Alley and so far they're going on a date."I said. "So we'll have two human to protect then right?"Paul asked. "I think so."I said.  There was an opening door and in walked Liam. I gave him a quick glare. I didn't want to see him right now. "Hey Niall."He smiled. "Liam Cassie had another vision."Paul said. Liam rolled his eyes and sighed. "What about?"He asked. "Phobos is using his army. So we'll have to involve to wolves."He said. Liam took a deep breath. "OK fine. Involve them. Niall are you OK with this?"He asked looking at Niall. He nodded. "But what about Alley?Her and Louis are going on a date and pretty much fall in love."Liam asked. "Were just going to have to defend both of them."Paul answered. "Cassie your close with Mariah. Go find her and talk to her."Spencer said. I nodded and sped away. I found her dark black wolf self sitting in the sun. "Hey change back we need to talk."I said. She ran away then her short self came walking back fixing her tank top. "We need your help."I said. "With what?"I asked. "This vampire named Phobos is after Shianne and soon another human. The thing is he is bringing his army and we can't fight them all off. Can you guys help?"I asked. A smile spread across her face. "Finally vampires I can kill."She smirked. "Just don't be around Niall. He still hates you for killing Tara."I said. "Well he needs to grow up!"She snapped. "Tara killed Ronny. She had a reason to die."Mariah said. "Well you can sort this out with Niall then."I said. "OK fine I will."She said. "So when do we start?"She asked. 


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