Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


22. It burns

Zayn's POV: "Zayn,Mariah,Cassie. I don't need your help."Liam confronted. "Yes you do! He'll kill you."Cassie said. "He'll kill you!"Liam growled. "Liam I don't care. I'm helping. I'll die a hero."I stated. Liam just shook his head and charged at Phobos again. "Mariah come on. Let's get Shianne to a safe spot."I said. We ran past Liam and the ugly guy into the warehouse. She sat there so vulnerable. Her eyes lit up when she saw us. Mariah motioned for her to get on her back but tears streamed in her eyes. "I can't move."She cried. I felt so bad for her. I grunted and turned around. "Mariah protect her. I'm going to help Liam and Cassie."I growled running out toward the door. Liam and Cassie needed the help. Phobos was beating the crap out of them. I ran up behind him shoving him across the forest. "GOD DAMMIT!"He screamed. He ran past all of us into the warehouse. What the hell was he going. There was a yelp. Mariah! I ran in. She was thrown across the warehouse. He grabbed Shianne. "It's about time I got my share."He sunk his teeth into her neck making her scream in pain. I watched scared as hell. 

Liam's POV: "GOD DAMMIT!"Phobos shouted. He got up and ran past us into the warehouse. I ran after him. He was not going to kill her. He pushed Mariah across the warehouse. He grabbed Shianne. "No."I whispered. "It's about time I got my share."He sunk his teeth into her neck. Anger ran through me. I was so pissed. He's going to die. "Liam. I'll take care of him. Take care of Shianne."Cassie said. I nodded. She ran after Phobos pushing him off. Shianne screamed for me. I ran to her. I wanted to cry. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Paul. "You need to save her Liam. She only has minutes."He said sitting down next to me. "What do I do?"My voice was shaking. "Suck the venom out."He said. "I won't be able to stop once I've started."I whispered. "You'll know when to stop."He said. I grabbed Shianne's hand and put it in mine. "I'll make it go away. I'll make you happy."I whispered to her. I put my lips against her neck where Phobos had bitten her. I didn't want to do this but what choice did I have? I needed clean her system out from the venom. She screamed in more pain. Her blood was so warm. It was the perfect type to drink. One of the best. She stopped screaming and began to calm down. "Liam stop. She's clear stop."Paul said shaking my arm. I couldn't stop. "Liam your going to kill her!"Paul shouted. I needed to stop. I pried myself off her and sat there. I wiped her blood from my face. I looked over to see Phobos getting killed. They had in down so they could kill him. Cassie and Harry looked at me. "Would you like to do the honors?"Harry asked. I smirked and walked over there. I took his head in my hands and snapped it off his body. They threw his body down along with his head and set him on fire. I watched him burn to hell. "Liam?"I heard a low hurt voice coming from Shianne. I looked to see her looking around for me. I walked over to her sitting down by her side. "There you are."She smiled lightly. "You saved me."There were tears in her eyes. "Of course I did. I love you to much to let him take you away from me."I whispered to her. "Thank you."She was crying softly now. "Here Liam take her back to the house so I can fix her wounds."Spencer said. I picked her up gently. She winced a little but she was still strong. "Liam."She whispered. "Yes?"I asked. "It burns."She sobbed. "It'll go away soon."I told her. She pressed her head against my chest and closed her eyes as we walked back to the house. I knew the pain she felt. It wasn't anything like a 3rd degree burn. It was the burning of her veins. The venom stings it once it enters the body. It hurts like hell. When we got back to the house. I immediately took her to Spencer's room. I laid her down and stood back as Spencer healed her up. "Liam go with Louis to check on Alley. To make sure nothing had happened to her."He commanded. "But I can't leave Shianne."I reasoned. "It's OK Liam. Really I'll be fine. Go on."Shianne smiled. I nodded and walked out. If she says she's OK then I guess I can go with Louis. "Hey."Louis smiled as I walked out into the living room. "Hey."I said. "Is she going to be OK?"He asked. I nodded. "Spencer has it under control."I said. We raced out of the house to Alley's house. Her parents weren't home so I guess that's good. Louis knocked on the door and someone else answered it. 

Shianne's POV: I watched as Spencer stitched my wounds one by one. Starting with the first time Phobos cut me. "Is Phobos dead?"I asked. My voice was so weak. I hated it. Spencer looked up at me and smiled. "Yes he is."He said. I smiled myself although it hurt. He deserved to die. "So you've been a doctor for a long time."I said. He nodded. "Liam told me you changed him."I said. "I did."He smiled. "Your lucky Liam saved you and managed to make you human still."Spencer said. "I guess I am. I really love him Spencer."I felt a tear roll down my face. "I know you do. When he looks at you, I know he feels the same."He smiled wiping my tear away. "You know what he is to you?"He asked. "No. What is he?"I furrowed my eyebrows. That hurt too. "He's your Red Hero."He said. "My what?"I asked. "Your Red Hero."He said. "What's a Red Hero?"I asked. "It stands for your Blood Saver. He's your protector Shianne."Spencer said. I smiled. He was my Red Hero. I let Spencer finish my stitching then he carried me up to Liam's room so I could rest. I changed out of my dress which was now black instead of pink. I put on one of Liam's shirts and I just slept without pants. Once I get my strength back I'm needed of a shower. 


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