Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


3. Friends

Liam's POV: I walked up her steps to knock on the front door. I reached the top step then knocked. Shianne opened the door, a smile spread along her face when she saw me. I couldn't help but smile myself. "So Liam I want to get to know you more."Her smiled faded and now I knew she was being serious. I sat down on the couch. I had to make up some story in order to cover my real self. Although I hated to lie, She couldn't know the truth. "First tell me why your so cold and why your eyes change color. See like now they're black."She sat down gazing at my eyes. "Well I'm cold all the time because I don't wear any jackets and Hemlock Grove is always cold."I lied. She furrowed her eyebrows then it looked like she understood. "OK but what about your eyes?"She asked. "Contacts."I lied again. "Really?"She asked. I nodded. "Since when do contacts change color on there own?"She asked. OK I feel stupid. I was about to give up. I just wanted to tell her my identity. But I couldn't because I have to worry about Paul. "You know what forget I asked. If you don't want to tell me that is fine."She arose her hands in defeat. I answered back with a smile. "OK can you tell me about yourself?"I asked. She smiled. "Get comfy. Its going to be a long talk."She said. "OK I grew up in Australia with my Mom and Dad. I have three brothers Liam,Chris and Luke. I know he has the same name as you. When they went off to become actors, I was a little upset but I knew that they would come back. One day my house caught on fire and we had no where else to go so we had to go live in the United States. We lived in New York City when I was 9 and I just hated being there. It was so busy all the time. So my dad found a job in Seattle Washington and we moved there. Two years after we lived there, my dad was moved to be down in Los Angles. So we had to go down there. Luckily my Uncle has a quest house we stayed in. Two years ago my father had to go up to Washington again to get something from the house when he was mauled by a bear."There was tear in her eye as she spoke. She was getting to the upsetting part. "I remember being at that funeral. He was so ripped up they couldn't even put his body in it. I was so upset. I was even more upset when my mom found a boyfriend named Anthony. I hated him. He tried to act like my dad. It disgusted me. My mom found a home with her boyfriend and they moved to Georgia. I was sent here. Ever since then I didn't speak to my mom once."She finished. I have her a hug to help her calm down. She was upset. I felt bad for asking. "I'm sorry I asked."I whispered in her ear. I held her close to me. I felt tears stain my shirt. "No its fine. I've been needing to get it out to someone."She wiped away her tears and I let go of her hug. "So your really Australian?"I asked. She nodded. "100%"She smiled. "So why are you speaking american?"I asked. "Why aren't you?"She smirked. "Because I'm British. I didn't take many american learning classes."I smiled. "Liam. I'm glad we're friends. You really understand me."She gave me another hug. When we pulled apart our eyes were locked together. I knew my eyes were changing to a blue gray. Which meant I was in love. "To be honest I think your eyes are cool."I Shianne got up and got herself a drink. "What music do you like?"She asked. "Do you have One Republic?"I asked. "Yes! I love them!"Excitement was overflowing her body. "Which album?"She asked. "Native."I smiled. She put it in the CD player and soon Counting Stars had started to play. "Wait did you say your brothers names are Liam,Luke and Chris?"I asked. She nodded as she took a sip of iced tea. "So that means your last name is Hemsworth?"I asked. She nodded. "Your related to celebrities. You do realize that right?"I asked. She nodded. "But what paparazzi would come to Hemlock Grove. Its not even on the map."She shrugged her shoulders. I liked it that we were making small talk but I never knew we would have so much in common. But she still doesn't know who I truly am though. When I left her house it was 9:30. Now I'm really in love with Shianne. Not because she was special but the fact we get along so well. I needed to get home and hunt. I have two whole days to hunt and fill my hunger.                         

Shianne's POV: Today was a great day. One of my favorites to be honest. Liam really understood me. Although he wouldn't tell me anything about him. I needed to figure him out. OK so I know he is ice cold all the time and that his eyes change color. I slipped into my PJ's and climbed into bed. I had no idea what I was going to do this weekend. I watched some Family Guy on adult swim. I laughed at the part where stewie shot Brian. Damn I love Family Guy. My phone went off. I got a text from Alley. She wants to go shopping for her prom dress. So I said I'd go. Prom was 3 weeks away. Maybe I should go and by myself a dress. Even though I'll have no date. I set my phone aside and fell asleep. 

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