Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


10. Clues

Liam's POV: Shianne had me really worried last night. She was having nightmares about being bitten by some vampire. Then I saved her. I knew if I ever bit her I would never stop once I start. I wonder if it was about Harry getting close to biting her yesterday. I lost my thoughts when Harry threw a spoon at me. I freaked out and ran away from the thing. Even though I'm immortal I hated seeing spoons. They terrified the crap out of me. "Harry cut it out."I growled. "Sorry."He smirked. Devious he was. But I'm going to get my revenge. After all Harry hated getting his hair straightened. I had to leave Shianne home today because I needed to hunt with Harry. "C'mon Harry we better get going if we want to get some good elk."I said. He followed me out the door. "Where are they?"He asked smelling for their scent. "Aha! They're 10 miles north."He said. We ran toward them. "I'm so faster than you Liam!"Harry yelled. "In your dreams!"I laughed. "Want to bet?"He smirked raising an eyebrow. "Hell yeah I do! Whoever gets their first gets dibs on the good tasting elk."I said. "OK ready set go."He screamed. I ran as fast as I could. Harry was ahead of me. I went up to him and pushed him out of the way. "Hey!"He laughed. I cracked up and ran toward the elk. I beat him. "Ha!"I smirked. "No fair you pushed me!"He whined. "You should of done better."I joked. He rolled his eyes. "OK so which one am I going to strike first?"I asked myself. My eyes settled on the giant buck. His blood smelled amazing. I climbed a tree and swung across til I was above him. I jumped down and pushed the buck on to his side. He squirmed trying to be set free. I gained my control and sunk my teeth into his neck. The blood swirled around my mouth flowing threw. It made me happy. When I was done. I wiped my mouth and threw it around. Harry killed a pregnant elk. "Harry your not supposed to kill those ones."I rolled my eyes. "Oh oops."He smiled. I rolled my eyes and continued to hunt.

We walked back laughing at each others jokes. "So uh Liam I have to ask you something."Harry said. He wanted to know if I'm mad about him attacking Shianne. "No Harry I'm not mad. Unless you bite her then we'll have a problem."I said. "Phew I thought you were mad at me."He blew a sigh of relief.  I heard a snap coming from behind us. I turned around. He dissapeared. "Harry did you see him?"I asked. "Yea we better follow him to find out what he was here for."He said. We followed his trail. The only thing we found was a piece of a red sweater. It was the same scent. "Do you know that smell Liam?"Harry asked. "No I don't It must be an outsider."I said. "We better tell Paul then just to be safe."Harry said. I nodded and we ran back to the house.

Cassie's POV: I sat on my bed pretty bored out of my mind. Berny and Nialler were out shopping for who knows what and Harry went hunting. Shianne is at home probably bored out of her mind too. Thats when a vision kicked in. (Vision) "Somebody help me!"Shianne screamed. "Awe sweety no one is going to hear you. Not even your vampire."He smirked. "Liam help!"She screamed. "Shut up you little bitch!"He picked her up and threw her into the glass window. "I'll finish you off later just let me leave this."He bit into her neck. Her screams shrieking in the air. (Reality) I gasped. Shianne was going to get hurt. But by who? I couldn't make out his face but he had a red sweater with a hole in the bottom. I heard Harry and Liam walk back in. They were talking about this outsider they encountered. That couldn't of been the guy I seen in my vision. I walked downstairs. Same red sweater. I didn't say anything. I'm sure Liam wouldn't believe me even if I told him my vision. "Hey Paul we encountered this outsider and found a piece of his shirt."Liam said handing him the felt. "I recognize this smell. Phobos. He's back."He squished the felt in his hand. "Cassie. Did you see anything?"He asked me looking at me. I couldn't lie to him. "I did."I said. "Well what did you see?"He asked. "He's going to kidnap Shianne and bite her."I said. Liam's eyes filled with rage. "Liam calm down. I'm sure as long as you stay with her. She won't get hurt."Paul said. Liam nodded and sped away. "Cassie keep an eye on him. He's dangerous."Paul ordered. I nodded. I wasn't going let him hurt my new friend. "Oh and we can't let her know of this. She's important to Liam. And if she runs away from him because of Phobos. He will sure kill her easily."Paul said. I looked at Harry. He seemed pretty interested in this mission. I hope Liam never leaves her side.

Shianne's POV: There was knock at my door. I opened it up to see who it was. "Liam? What are you doing here?"I asked as he walked in. "I missed you."He smiled kissing me lightly on the lips. "Awe I missed you too."I smiled hugging his embrace. His jaw was tense. It was showing threw his skin. "Your a little tense. Are you alright?"I asked. He nodded and smiled. "Just a little worked up from all this hunting."He smiled. "So do you want to watch a movie?"Liam asked. "Yea sure. What do you want to watch?"I asked. "How about TED?"Liam suggested. I chuckled. "Sure i'll put it on."I grabbed my remote and flicked to the movie channel. We snuggled up onto the couch and watched the movie. We laughed at the thunder buddy song and I cried at the part TED got ripped in half. When the movie ended Liam's face was unbearable. I didn't know if he was grossed out by it or it was so funny he couldn't move. "Liam?"I asked. He looked at me and just smiled. "Sorry I was thinking."He said. "About what?"I asked rolling onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck our eyes locked together. "Just how beautiful you are. How lucky I am to have found a girl like you."I blushed. I kissed him on the lips. They were so full. I loved it. He took it a step farther and added his tongue. I laughed as our tongues danced. It was a little dirty of him to do that. But I guess that's a french kiss. He stopped with the tongue and it was just our lips again. They connected like magnets or even like wires. We stopped kissing. "What was the tongue for?"I laughed. "What? Was it bad?"He asked. "No! It was just real dirty of you."I laughed. He smirked. "Want me to do it again?"He asked. I rolled my eyes. "No just kiss me regularly."I said. "No that's boring. I like a little adventure."He laughed. I furrowed my eyes and my jaw dropped. "Ew!"I yelled. Liam was laughing his ass off. "Alright Shianne. No more tongue."Liam said. "OK good."I smiled. 

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