Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


18. Beautiful

Shianne's POV: We pulled up at the school parking lot. I took a breath and watched as Liam got out of the car and walked over to my side to open the door. He took my hand and helped me out. I smiled at him. He was so perfect. We walked inside to the gym where it was taking place. I wasn't much of a dancer to fast beat songs unlike most people so Liam and I went out to the garden. It was quiet out there and it was peaceful. Someplace I love to be. We sat down on a bench and we gazed up at the stars. It was dim only candles lit up.I looked over at Liam. Liam looked so perfect. His eyes shining. He looked down at me and smiled. "I love you Shianne."He said. "I love you too." Our lips connected like magnets. They were moving in sync perfectly. This night had nothing to be ruined for. It was perfect. We stopped kissing. "Come on it's time to slow dance."He said. Taking my hand in his we walked back into the gym. They were playing Nightingale. A tear rolled down my face bringing back the time Liam taught me how to dance. I quickly wiped it away before Liam could notice. He pulled me close to him. Our chests touching. I laid my head on his shoulder and we danced together. I loved this night. Nothing could ruin it. Liam kissed my neck. "After prom want to go somewhere?"He asked. I looked up into his eyes. I nodded. I knew what he wanted. To make love. Hopefully that's what he meant. We slow danced for awhile. When we were done we went back outside to the moonlight. I was sitting on Liam's lap and we continued to stare at the stars. We were interrupted when I heard Alley call my name. I looked over and there she was with Louis. They walked out and I stood up. "Can I take her Liam? Just for a little bit?"She asked. He laughed. "Yea I guess."He smiled. "Here I'll exchange her with Louis."She smiled running off with me. She ran me through the gym passed the security guard to the hallway. What the hell is she doing? She stopped pulling me along when we reached her locker upstairs. "OK guess what?"She asked. "What?"I asked. "You'll never guess who is here!"She shrieked in excitement. "Who?"I asked. "Little Mix! They're performing!"She practically was screaming. "Oh my god! When are they performing!?"Now I was practically was screaming. We heard screaming. "I'm guessing right now."She said. We ran in to the gym where the four girls were singing Madhouse. These girls were my idols. I loved them to death. Alley and I sang along to the lyrics. "I feel a strange sensation taking over from my heads to my toes." This was my favorite song from them "Running from the madhouse they won't take me back, got the medicines to give me what I need." Alley and I sang along. I video recorded it. I was so showing this to Cassie and Bern later. After Madhouse they performed Case Closed. After they were done. I sat down at a table and talked to Alley for a little bit. We were arguing over what brand was the best. "No Alley I think Oreo's are a better brand than chips ahoy."I stated. "Uh NO! Chips ahoy has way better cookies then Oreo's."Snapped. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "This is really stupid."I said. She nodded. We just laughed. "I should really back to Liam now. It's been almost an hour."I said looking at the time on the wall. "Yea Louis wants to take me to dance."She said. We walked back outside where our boys were still waiting. Liam took my hand in his and he kissed me passionately. "I missed you."He smiled. "I missed you too."I said. "Liar! You were singing to Little Mix!"Alley stated. I looked at her and glared. "Shh."I said putting my finger over my lips. She rolled her eyes and went back inside with Louis. I turned back to Liam and grinned. "That didn't happen."I lied. "Just glad your back."He smirked wrapping me in his arms. 

Cassie's POV: It made me a little upset that I Shianne went off to prom. I wish I went to prom. Instead I spent it puking like hell. "Hazza I'm a little upset that Shianne gets to have her prom. I spent mine vomiting."I whined playing with his curls. "Want to go?"He asked. "No we can't crash that prom."I stated. "No I'm saying want to make our own?"He asked. My ears perked up at his idea. "Of course I do!"I exclaimed. I ran into my closet and slipped on my knee high blue dress. I put on blue heels to match and I curled my hair. I applied my make-up. I walked outside to lights hung up and a tent was put up. "Oh Harry!"I smiled. He wrapped his arms around me guiding me to under the tent. Bern and Niall walked out in fancy clothes. They started to slow dance to the music that was playing. Katelyn and Kendall joined. "Here's to the people that can't go!"Bern yelled. I smiled and raised my hands in the air. When the good music started to play Harry and I started grinding. Oh god I remember the first time he grinded with me. At my one high school dance. Liam was pissed because Harry fucked me in a hotel right afterward. Those were the good days. I turned so we stopped grinding and I kissed him passionately. Making him want more of me. I'm a bad ass when It came to Harry and I making love like this. As long as I was having fun It's all I needed. Who knew how much of a dancer Bern and Niall was. They were dancing like crazy to the song. I couldn't help but laugh. Kendall started to do the robot. I cracked up. Everything stopped when I had a vision (Vision) She was running in those heels. Away from it all. Phobos was there and he wasn't happy that the wolves joined. "Shianne hurry!"I screamed. "Nope sorry honey she's coming with me."He smirked. "Fuck!"I screamed. (Reality) I dropped to the ground. "No."I whispered. 

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