Justin Bieber is a vampire and he goes to the school with girls who have a crush on him.


3. JB

Then she sang We Are Who We Are and some other songs. And then it was time for.... JUSTIN BIEBER! "AAAAAHHHHH!" I screamed. Not because any thing was scary but because I was in LOVE with him he is the fucking LOVE of my fjucking LIFE!!!!!! He flipped his hair sexily and then he started signing.


See I never thought that I could walk through fire.

I never thought that I could take the burn.

I never had the strength to take it higher,

Until I reached the point of no return.


And there's just no turning back,

When your hearts under attack,

Gonna give everything I have,

It's my destiny.


I will never say never! (I will fight)

I will fight till forever! (make it right)

Whenever you knock me down,

I will not stay on the ground.

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up up up,

And never say never.


I never thought I could feel this power.

I never thought that I could feel this free.

I'm strong enough to climb the highest tower.

And I'm fast enough to run across the sea.


And there's just no turning back,

When your hearts under attack,

Gonna give everything I have,

Cause this is my destiny.


I will never say never! (I will fight)

I will fight till forever! (make it right)

Whenever you knock me down,

I will not stay on the ground.

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up, up, up,

And never say never.


Here we go!

Guess who?

JSmith and Jb!

I gotcha lil bro.


I can handle him.

Hold up, aight?

I can handle him.


Now he's bigger than me,

Taller than me.

And he's older than me,

And stronger than me.

And his arms a little bit longer than me.

But he ain't on a JB song with me!


I be trying a chill

They be trying to side with the thrill.

No pun intended, was raised by the power of Will.


Like Luke with the force, when push comes to shove.

Like Cobe with the 4th, ice water with blood.


I gotta be the best, and yes

We're the flyest.

Like David and Goliath,

I conquered the giant.

So now I got the world in my hand,

I was born from two stars

So the moon's where I land.


I will never say never! (I will fight)

I will fight till forever! (make it right)

Whenever you knock me down,

I will not stay on the ground.

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up, up, up,

And never say never.


I will never say never! (I will fight)

I will fight till forever! (make it right)

Whenever you knock me down,

I will not stay on the ground.

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up,

Pick it up, up, up,

And never say never.


he had a beautiful voice and I sang along and I screamed really loud. The concert went on a long time he sang U Smile, Baby, One Time, Somebody 2 Love, Pray, Runaway Love, That Should Be Me and One Less Lonly Girl. When the concert was over I never wanted it to end but I was soooo happy that I had gotten to go. I even got Justin Biebers autograph and I got to hug him


Then me and my friends were going out to the purple Porsche. While we were in the concert it had gotten really really stormy agen it was thunder and lightning and sort of scary. Then suddenly I heard a loud boom, and suddenly I was struck by lightning again.......



When i woke up i felt the sudden need to listen to Megadeath and Metallica and shit like that. I looked around and i was in my appartment and preps all surrounding me and i sat up on my bed and got up and pushed them out of my appartment and told the janitor to make sure those girls never came back again and if they did to tell them to leave. I went back into my appartment and got rid off all my new preppy shit and put on a blood red minidress with blood red lace as the trim, and black high heels with little skulls on the sides. I walked to downtown salem where all the witches and vampires hung out which is kinda odd because thats where they all died..... I was walking and i walked into a vampire resturant and all the reservations were full and a girl walked in she was wearing black combat books a blood red minidress and a red strapless gothic top with black lace on the edge, and a pentagram necklace and had hair just like mine but with red streaks, we looked like twins, outsfits and all. She stepped infront of me adn said "reservation for Jackson."

"Ma'am, i am dealing with this young lady she is looking for reservations." the man said

"Well i have reservations for one, and if she wants she may dine with me." She said and looked at me in question

"Its fine with me. Im just starving and i would love to meet some new vampires." i said

"Well its settled then sir." she said and the man showed us to our table.

"Hi im Lexi." i said depressingly "Lexi Kate."

"Oh well thank you for dining with me Lexi, Im Ashleigh, Ashleigh Jackson." and from that point on the only person to know i was living in Masachusetts other than the annoying preps was Ashleigh. from that point on me and Ashleigh hung out about every day and became best friends. ( A.N.idk why i did that i was bored lol and i wanted to add a character that i could hang out with in Massachusetts and picked out a name out of the tags thing lol)

............................................ 2 WEEKS LATER ( MY 17TH BIRTHDAY )............................................

Today was my boyfriend and i woke up and i got out of my bed and there were gothic black and red balloons all over my room including a gothic HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner. My new Bestfriend was in the corner of the room putting up more decorations and by my desk which was now covered in presents and cards from Florida and my new friends in Masachusetts. I went up behind Ashleigh and tapped her on the back and she turned around startled.

"Happy goffik birthday." Ashleigh said to me

"Thanks."i said back derpesed about the day and knowing that that its a celebration of growing older and i never would.

"Well open your presents already."she said and handed me one that was wrapped with black rapping paper and red gothic ribbon. It was from Heather who apperently was Ashleighs cousin. I opened the boxit was a gothic makeup set that had black a bunch of shades of purple and red and dark color eyeshadows. Also it caem with black lipstick and white foundation. Those stupid preps sent me a Justin Beiber cardboard cut out so I put it in the corner of my room to deal with it later. Then all the gifts of people i knew sent them were opened but there was one left. I was Purple and black. It had a little card under the black ribbon. I pulled the card out from under the black ribbon and read.


It is time for you to know who you really are and this gift should be some help there and i hope you know what to do with it. I have posessed this gift scince the day of the Vampire Godesses proficy was founded. I knew from the moment we met you were destend to recive this. Im glad that i have fufilled my mission and can be relived of my duty and know that the underworld will be safe in you'r hands. Oh and have fun in Hell.

- Desiree

I put down the card on my desk next to my laptop and opened the box. Inside there was a Valorite amulet embeded with rubys and a large elegant amithist that hung in the center of the peice. Ashleigh took the necklace and put it on me. Then I started to float up in the air and then wind blowed around me. I was naked but there was black and red magic around me so you couldnt see anything naughty you fucking perv. My hare got longer and prettier and now it had red streaks in it. And also my boobs and stuff got bigger and my skin turned almost pure white. Then the magic stuff started to form my clothes. I had a dress that was like black on the top and then flowy and red on the bottom it looked like one of Amy Lee's dresses. And my nails were black and I had elaborate black eyeliner and black eyeshadow I looked dead but in a hot way. And also I had blood red lips. I had black stilettos and I was taller now. I had gothic black angel wings and last but not least I got a magic tiara that was made of black metal and the tiara had a big pentagram shaped rubyy in the middle.Suddenly the magic stopped and i fell to the ground, Then out of no where a note fell from the sky and on it said how to use my new goffic godess powers and that my new godess name was Helena (like the mcr song geddit).Then i saw on the note how to transform stuff so i did it in the justin beiber cutout and turned it into a Gerard Way cutout. Then we ate Devils Cake (geddit cuz im the Queen of Hell) and red velvet cupcakes that wernt really red velvet they were blood. Then we heard a knock on the door and Ashleigh went to answer it because i couldnt with my new wings.

"Hello i am here to take Helena The Vampire Godess, her bestfriends and her sister to Hell." he said

"Well i am Ashleigh one of her best friends i will tell her to pack and i will too and we will come with u then." she said and walked over to me"You ha-"

"Ya i know." i said cutting her off. then i used my new godess powers to pack all our stuff up and then we walked over to the door and the man gave Ashleigh a necklace he called the omulet of purifuication. it was shadow metal and had a Big red ruby in the shape of a skull. I took the necklace and hung it around Ashleigh's neck and gothic black sparkles formed around her and She was wearing a black and red mini dress dress and she now had red hair and red wings. The man transformed into a deamon and we all flew away to florida to get my sister, Hera, Crystallia, Heather and Desireee.


When we got to florida i hurried up and magicaly packed my sisters stuff and gave her amulet of purification and put it on her. She then had Red sparkles around her and then her hair turned purple and she had on a black minidress and purple wings. We all flew over to Crystallias and i magicly packed her stuff and my sister put crystallias necklace on her and she had deepblue sparkles around her and her hair turned navy blue and she had a black mini and navy blue wings. Then we went to Heathers house and we did the same and she had deep forest green sparkles and Green hair green wings and a black mini. Then we went to Heras and she looked just like my sister. Then we went to Desirees house and we put a necklace of Purification on her and packed her stuff magical sparkles formed around her and a purple ninja suit appered on her. Desiree had to go with the deamon guy so she could come with us. the deamon guy told us we had to go to Hell for me to recive my thrown and for all of us to prepare for the ninjas.


We flew over a ton of cool countrys and we landed in Ireland. Ireland was beautiful it was filled with castles and stuff. Ireland was supposedly the place where the prophacy was created and along with the portal to hell that only the Queen and her aquaintences would be able to see and of course the messengers. We walked around the town and we walked into a old tavern that was the place that the prophacy was founded and we all walked into the back room and saw the portal together me heather crystallia ahleigh dessiree and my sister held hands and walked into the big red and black swirl and the deamon guy followed. we were all wisped around in the portal and my lungs felt tight and my body tensed and then finally we reached hell and the pressure stopped and we all walked forth letting go of each others hands. I then recalled a dream i had had over and over and over again when i was a child a dream of me and friends going through the portal and into hell and me being crowned the queen of hell and marrying a royal gaurd and living happily ever after but then ninjas always came and killed him and we were torn apart and only in my dreams i could be with him. i thought to my self if that was a reading of the future that means that Jesse will come back to me or i will find another love.

I was in the big palace in Hell. It was made of obsidian and enoby with black roses on the walls and magic torches wif green fire. It was gothic. And outside there was fire and lava and stuffl. A group of deamons walked over to me and presented me with a black metal crown with red and purple gothic pentigram shaped jewels. Then all of my friends and my sister were presented with magical goffic wepons.

Once the cerimony was done they showed us to our rooms and i had the Queens room of course because im now the queen of hell. All the rooms were lined up in a grand hall and mine was the one all the way at the far end of the hall on the back wall. My room was decorated black and red really queen of Hell like and i had a new woredrobe of dark colored dresses. Tonight was the royal celebration because me and my friends got to hell safely. In hell all water is blood because Vampires and Deamons both depend on blood to live. I walked into my grand bothroom and started to take off my clothes and i turned the knob on the shower and warm blood started to flow from the nosel. I put a towel next to the glass shower door and steped in.

When my shower was done i dryed off with my towel and dryed my hair with my new goddess powers. I walked into my room and open my closet. I picked out a dress that looked like the one i wore to prom last year but it had rubys and black crystals on it and i also picked out a pair of black victorian boots with black lace. I put on the dress and the boots and then put on black masacara, black eyeshadow , and black eyeliner. i didnt need foundation because my skin was almost pure white from turning into the vampire goddess and i didnt need lipstick because i already had bloodred lips. I took out my laptop and turned on some mcr untill it was time to go to the celebration.

I walked down the hall way to get all my friends to go to the celebration. I saw Hera she was wearing a black floor lenght ball goon with red lace on the bottom that was strapless and she had a silver necklace with a ruby on it and black ruby red high heels. Crystallia had a dark purple dress that went to her knees with black eyeliner and her hair was in an updo with curls and she had black fishnets. Heather had a blood red poffy ball gown with a skirt made of red tulle and the top part had a black corset thing. Ashleigh had a black short dress that was ruffled with a silver thing on it and purple on the edges. Desiree had a dress made of purple silk with a black design on it that was like flowers and then a black fur jacket. Me and my friends were walking to the celebration down the burning hallways of hell and then in the corner of my eye i saw a group of wandering souls and a framilliar face. It was my brother my poor brother had died of stupidity only a few weeks before my 17th birthday. my brother caught a glimpse of me and walked towards me and held out his hand and said "sisder.." my life was already depressing but now knowing that my brother is in hell because he died of stupidity makes it even harder on me!!! One black tear fell down my face and i secretly wiped it away and we walked on to the celebration. Satan was standing at the door welcoming people to my welcome dance. He welcomed me and my friends to the dance happily. ME and my friedns walking into the flaming burning ballroom of hell to see all the deamons vampires and some more weird gross disturbing scary shit. I walked toward the stage where Sharon Adel stood with the rest of her band playing Frozen. Me and my friends danced but then my friend Asheligh stopped in middance and muttered "Gerard Way." We all screatched like crazy Justin beiber fans and calmed down so he would think we wernt crzy stalkers.

0.o I actually got to see Gerard Way and he was so sexy that me made me go all hot and cold. He had sexy gothic red hair and beautiful hazel eyes but I could tell he really had vampire eyes and he also had a really nice ass just sayin. He was wearing sexy black eyeliner and stuff. And he was a vampire like me I can tell because I have vampire skills. Gerard Way is the sexies person in the whole entire world nuff said.

Then he had to go somewhere else. So I hoped I get to meet him eventually. I was in LOVE I cant believe i used to be a prep and like Justin Bieber because Gerard Way is like a beautiful goth angel and Biber is a fucking lesbian baby.

Then we kept dancing. Then, later on, Gerard Way and Within Temptation were going to do a SONG TOGETHER! That was awesome they did a cover of Bring Me To Life by Evanescence.


"How can you see into my eyes like open doors leading you down into my core where ivwe become so numb Without a sole my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold until you find it there and lead it back home.


Wake me up!

Wake me up inside!

Can't wake up!

Wake me up inside!

Call my name and save me from the dark

Bid my blood to runBefore I come undone

Save me from the nothing I've become

Now that I know what I'm without you can't just leave me

Breather into me and make me real

Bring me to life.


Wake me up!

Wake me up inside!

Can't wake up!

Wake me up inside!

Call my name and save me from the dark


Bid my blood to run

Before I come undone

Save me from the nothing I've become


Frozen inside without your touch, without your love darlingonly you are the light among the dead

On the inside, I can't believe I couldn't see

Left in the dark but you were there in front of me

I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems

Got to open my eyes to everything

Without a thought, without a voice, without a soulDon't let me die here!

Bring me to life!


Wake me up insideWake me up inside

Call my name and save me from the dakr

Bid my blood to runBefore I come undone

Save me from the nothing I've become

Bring me to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I clapped real loud. Also they sing What Have You Done which is a within temptation song. Soon the dance was over. I was going to go up to my room and then I met a drug dealer on the way there. He said "Hey do you want to buy some drugs?" So I bought some LSD and I went up to my room to smoke it.I get to have drugs for free because I am the queen so I can boss all the people who got sent to Hell around.


I was in my room all alone so I started smoking LSD. Then I had weird hallucinations. I saw flaming purple tacos that were singing "Hey Hey You You I Don't Like Your Girlfriend" so I started singing alon. And then Superman came and he started eating the taco.

But then I realized that Superman was really my ex boyfriend Jesse! He was really ugly and i hated his ugly face for dumping me. I hate his guts. Then he disappeared and I said "GOOD RIDDANCE YOU BITCH JESSE!" and then I had more hallucinations that I was in Egypt and on top of the pyramid and then it started to rain fuking ice cream. It taste good. And then I was on mars and there were aliens there but then the alien turned blue, then orange, then it turned into a prep so I killed it. And then a Pink Floyd triangle thing appeared and pink floyd music started playing and then there was monkeys that were dancing the Macarena.


Then I was out of LSD so I stopped hallucinating. Then I realized that i was REALLY SAD about my life. I missed Jesse so much he had always been my love but he had had to leave me and I realized I would never see him again I started crying tears of blood in my room that ran down my face dramatically. And I realized that I would never have a normal life cuz now I was had to be the Queen of Hell and neverf be normal again. I decided that the only thing to do was kill myself.


I put on a pure white simple long flowy dress so that it would look really awesome and dramatic when the blood got all over it. I put on pale foundation and pale pink lipstick and dark eyeshadow so that it looked like I was dead and I made my hair down and straight and sort of like messy. Then I took out a silver shiny knife and i went out on my Princess balcony.


I walked slowly barefootly to the balcony door. then I opened it and I stood on the edge. I took my knife, facing the door, and I started to make cuts on my arms and stuff and then I got ready to plunge it into my heart.........

Then I heard a voice! "WAIT! SWISSCIDE IS BAD!" a guy screamed. I turned around. It was....... GERARD WAY! His sexy hair was blowing in the wind dramatically because wind is dramatic.


"Well killing yourself is never the answer Lexi. No matter what happens to you there isn't any shitty things worth killing yourself over. Put the knife down Lexi that is bad." he said.

I put the knife down.

"Good" Gerard Way said "I'm so glad that you didn't die. Now come inside you need to take a bath."

So then I went into my room and I started taking a bath. Gerard Way wasn't in the bathroom cuz he would be a perv if he watched me take a bath. But he had saved my life if not for him I would've stabbed myself in the hart and died but now I was still alive and I thought about it and I decided that killing myself was not a good idea.

Once I was all clean I put on my MCR shirt and a blood red miniskirt and I put on foundation, red eyeshadow and black mascara and perfume so I smelled good and I straightened my hair. Then I went out and I said, "Thank you Gerard you saved my life I am a big fan can I have your autograph."

"Sure" he said so he signed my Black Parade cd case.

"Oh my gosh I love MCR so much that is like one of the best bands ever. And you are an amazing singer and I love all yoru songs especially Wecome to the Black Parade, Sing, House of Wolves, Dead, Vampires Will Never Hurt you Helena, Our Lady of Sorrows and Na Na Na. You are so awesome." I was really nervious to be talking to gerard way I mean OH MY SATAN I got so nervous around hot guys especially Gerard Way because he was the hottest person in the entire world IMO. And I had always liked MCR but now he was my fucking hero because I almost died and committed suicide but he saved my life by teaching me not to. I mean I was in LOVE with him now he was the most perfect person of all time. I was staring lovingly into his beautiful hazel eyes he was SO sexy in the moonlight.

And suddenly... we kissed for no reason I thought I was going to fucking DIE of my heart exploading. You know what fuck suicide I just kissed Gerard Way!

"Oh sweet Satan I thought there was no such thing as love at first sight but now there is" I said in silence.

"Lexi we need to see each other again," he said "Tomorrow can we go out to lunch?" He asked.

"I'll see you at noon," I said.




Tomoroow I had to get ready for my lunch date. I was obviously the luckiest girl to ever exist because I got to go on a fuckin date with fucking Gerard Way. I put on black and white stockings and a blood red minidress with a black corset thingy on the top and black combat boots with red lace. I straightened my hair and then I went to meat Gerard Way at the restaurant. He was wearing the jacket thingy from The Black Parade and he looked really awesome (and gorgeous) and we sat down at the table together and started talking.

"Lexi why did you try to kill yourself? Your so young and you have a lot to live for." he said.

"I was really depressed because my old boyfriend who was the one who turned me into a vampire left me. We promised to be together forever but he lyed to me and he abandoned me. And then I started crying vampire tears because also I was really depressed that I had the responisbility of being a Goddess now. I just wanted to go back to being a normal girl but now there is no way for me to ever be normal agian so I got depressed. But when you came and stopped me from killing myself I realized that I'm not afraid to keep on living. If I had killed myself i would not have a second chance." I said deeply.

"I'm so glad you didn't die. I don't want teenagers to kill themselves it's really horrible that is what MCR trys to prevent a lot of the fans want to kill themselves and we are trying to save them but then people who dont understand say it's an emo band but really it isn't." Gerard said.

"I kno rite," I said. "I am not depressed any more now I am happy being hwo i am even though a lot of people dont accept me and I don't miss my boyfriend any more I realize that he never loved me if he left me like that." I said.

"There was a time when i wanted to hurt myself off stage,but i got over that.Like, you should never want to hurt yourself.You should love yourself. Sometimes you kind of have to die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and beleive in yourself and love yourself and become a new person." Gerard said to me

Then we ate the food because we were at a restaurant. I am a vampire goddess, so I can't drink normal stuff. I only survive off of blood. I drank my blood out of a glass and it was delicious type A Negative blood that is my favorite.

After we were done with lunch Gerard Way had to leave because MCR was doing a concert somewhere else. So then I went back to the palace. I put on a blood red dress with puffy sleeves that have purple lace on them and black Converse and black combat boots and black fingerless gloves.


Today I decided to do LSD again. I started hallucinating that I was riding on a black unicorn to the Candy Mountain and then it was raining cheeseburgers. And then I saw a hallucination of my little brother in a ballerina tutu saying "i'm stupid!" over and over again and then he started singing "oops I did it again." So I sang too. Then I stopped smoking LSD so I was normal again. I drank some human blood. Then I put on a white minidress with a black bow and black lacey stuff on the bottom the dress was sort of like ripped up looking. And red high heeled knee length boots.

Then I was going to hang out with my friends at the mall. There was no mall in Hell cuz it was under construction so we had to go to the normal world. Anyways we went to the Hot Topic and bought a lot of kickass stuff like accessories and gothic skirts. I put my middle finger at the Justice cuz that is a prep store. They no sell goth stuff.

Then after that we were hungry so we went to the food court. I ate ketchup because it's like blood and a cherry Icee cuz that's like blood too. My friends ate normal food cuz they're not vampires like me.

Then suddenly a bunch of people in ninja costumes stormed into the Food Court! "Hiyaaaaa!" they all shouted. Then I realized that those were the Ninjas of the Mall! They hated people with dark magic like us so we knew we had to attack them back. They were using the soft pretzels like ninja stars to throw at us. We dodged them and we attacked back by squirting them with the ketchup and musterd bottles.

Then the ninjas started throwing hot dogs at us so we had to get more weapons so we broke into the sushi place and threw sushi and wasabi at them.

Then we started throwing hamburgers at each other and I got my clothes ruined by having stuff squirted all over me. Everyones clothes were ruined the ninjas were too.

And then, suddenly, a dude shouted out "STOP IT RIGHT NOW! THAT IS BAD!" I turned around.


It was..... THE MANAGER! "What are you girls doing having a fight in this mall? You all have to leave now!" So us and the ninjas all got kicked out of the mall. Our clothes were ruined so we all went back to hell to put on something good. That whole mall thing was really pointless and embarrasing I mean we were throwing food at each other.




I changed out of my dirty clothes from the food fight and I put on a a short red minidress that complimented my black wings and my long ebony black hair with red streaks. Then I put on black fishnets and red ballet flats and i straightened my hair.

I walked to the garden. It was filled with red and black roses. I walked down the pathways inbetween all the roses and hedges. I walked untill i got to the center of the garden where the blood fountain flowed and the concrete benches and the large oak tree that i favored from all the other things in the garden and the winding wooden stairwell to the tower of Hell where my desk and deamon leatehr journal sat on a stone table in the corner of the tower by the bookshelf and the far east window. I began to walk up the wooden stair case to the tower. Slowly i walked up each and every step to the dark tower.i opened the wooden door and took the key off the desk and locked it i opened the second drawer and i took out a deamon hide book that looked like it had been touched by water and created the pages to look ruined. I opened it to a new and clean page and took out a scribes pen and a little bottle of blood red ink and i began to right.

"Dear Journal,

.... i am damned i am never to be able to live a normal life again. Its a curse i wont be able to see my parents again and its my fault my friends are stuck here too and it might cost their lives. and its all because of me..... i will never be able to forgive myself for this.... Last night i tried to commit suicide and i walked out on my balcony wearing my favorite white dress with a dagger i stood up on the ledge of the balcony and began to cut myself and the blood splattered on my dress dramatticaly and i lifted the dagger up in the air a few feet away from my heart and pulled my hand in but then Gerard Way opened the door and told me to put the dagger down and take a bath and i did. Before that i waqs doing LSD and i saw flamming purple tacos and my ex boyfriend Jesse dressed up like superman. When i ran out of LSD i felt extreamly depressed about seeing Jesse and all my responsiblilities as queen of hell. Well i must go i have Classes in twenty and it takes twentyfive to get out of the garden. But then again i might just fly out.-Helena, Vampire goddess and Queen of Hell."

I took the book and placed it back in the drawer and llocked it. I unlocked the door and walked outside in the landing and flew away to my balcony.

I landed on my blacony five muntues later and i unlocked the french doors and walked in and locked them. I piched up my red and black checkered backpack from hot topic and walked down the dark and dreary hallways of hell to class.

I had history lessons today. In hell most classes are private classes but me and all my friends went to classes together because wer all needed to learn the same thing but on acasion a had classes alone that were on how to use my powers. Normally history in hell is about how hell was created and shit like that. But today my lesson was about how my me and my friends were destened to be the savious of hell. Annd how we would defeat god in an epic battle for freedome of the damned which was what me and my friends were fighting for.... FREEDOM!! But god was fighting agenst us. For years has hell had been planing for the prophacy to be founded then it was and three thousand years later me and my friends came to fufill it....


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