One Direction Changed my LIfe!!!

Jade is a average eighteen year old 12th graderwho gets picked on constantly picked on for the fact she is smart and pretty and try to change that pretty face of hers but will meeting One Direction change her life.


4. Populars

We walked and chatted then a crowd of people came to us "oh look Jade and her nerdy crew and One Direction" Lily said I knew what was gonna happen after some rude comments from her and her winking at Zayn I threw some comments "oh and sean stop with the bitch slapping I thought you were a girl" He finally punched my eye and then a huge fight happened while I was brudley beaten.

I walked home and went inside "oh honey what happened" I told mum azactly what happened "honey its ok" Mum said.

Sorry for the short chapter im just tired and lost some work and didnt feel like re writing the whole thing. Hailey

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