One Direction Changed my LIfe!!!

Jade is a average eighteen year old 12th graderwho gets picked on constantly picked on for the fact she is smart and pretty and try to change that pretty face of hers but will meeting One Direction change her life.


7. Gradition

It was gradution today and the populars found me before "look whos here" Lily said walking up to me.

"Now Im a who you should check the latest update in One Directions news espically who is Zayns girlfriend" I said with a smirk on my face. Lily gasped.

"YOU!!!"Lily said"Your a nerd and a bitch I should be Zayns girlfriend"Lily just kept whining

"sorry but nerds always win" Lily practiclly screamed her little head off I managed to keep away from the jocks as well and Zayn was here with the rest of 1D. I smiled and took my seat with the rest of the students. I was choosen to give the speech.

When I finished my speech everyone was clapping. They called the gradutes one by one to get their diploma. After that everyone threw the caps and afterwards Zayn took me to celebrate. We went to a fancy restruant by ourselves.More of a date if you ask me. "you look amazing"

"Its the first time I wore heels and they are killing me"

"you never wore heels before"

"I HATE heels" We chatted for a while more and went to his house.

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