Alex is 16 years old. Her best friend's are Justin Bieber and Anna Justice. Anna is dating Landon Malik. Alex WAS dating Shane Lynch but he broke up with her. Will Alex start to fall for Justin? Will Justin fall for Alex? Or have they liked each other all along. Find out by reading my movella!


1. Another Girl

Alex's POV: ~ I've been dating Shane for a while now. Our anniversary was tomorrow and I didn't know what to get him! He is 5'11" and he has blonde hair. His eyes are green and I love them! 
All of a sudden, I get a text message from Landon, my best friend's boyfriend.
Landon's text: I have no idea what to get Anna!
Anna is my best friend. Her relationship with Landon is exactly like my relationship with Shane. Our anniversary date is the same. When Shane and I get into fights, Anna and Landon do too. When Anna and Landon get into fights, Shane and I do also. Its crazy. I don't know. 
Alex's text: How about you get her a bracelet..? Idk
Landon's text: Good idea Alex. Thanks. See you later tonight!
I throw my phone onto my bed and go to take a shower. All I could think of in the shower is what I was going to get Shane.
When I get out of the shower I grab both of my towels, one for my body and one for my hair. I walk out of the bathroom to get my phone to see if anybody texted or called me. I have 57 messages from Anna and a text message from my other best friend, Justin.
Justin is amazing. I've known him since I was 1 week old. Our parents were best friends and now Justin and I are best friends. His hair is perfect. His teeth are perfect. His whole face is perfect. He has perfect abs. His style is perfect. He can sing and dance. He is perfect and he always can make me laugh no matter what!

I check another message of hers.

Anna's text: HEY ANSWER

I check ANOTHER message.
I couldn't believe what I just read. I responded saying "HOW DO U KNOW?!" 
While I waited for Anna to answer I checked what Justin texted me.
Justin's text: Hey babe ;) XD how r u?
Alex's text: Upset:/. Anna texted me saying that Shane is at the mall with another girl...~ 
(End of Annas POV) 
Justin's POV: ~I didn't tell Alex this but I never really liked Shane. He always made Alex upset and when she's upset, Im upset. And whoever makes her upset, I want to punch them in the face. Alex is so beautiful and she doesn't deserve Shane. She deserves a guy who can treat her like a princess.~
(End of Justins POV) 
Alexs POV: ~
Justin's text: R u serious...Im coming over now.
Justin lived a couple houses down and my parents loved him so he was aloud to come over at anytime. I think my parents even gave him a key to our house. 
Justin was in my room in less than 2 minutes. He was breathing heavily. He probably ran here. He is so sweet! 
When he was breathing normally, he waved at me cutely with a wink. I laughed and I actually felt a little better...how does he do this?!
Justin then came over and sat on my bed really close to me so that our legs, hips, and arms were touching.
Justin: So should I go purple ninja on Shane? 
Alex: *laughs* You still remember that joke? We were like 6! 
Justin: And now we are 18. Its only 12 years.
Alex: Yeah, I guess. So do you think I should still talk to Shane..?
Justin: Hell no. 
Alex: But I love him! 
Justin: *looks away from Alex and takes a deep breath*
Alex: ...Are you okay?
Justin(fake smiling): Yeah I'm good.
Alex: I've known you for 18 years. I can tell somethings wrong.
Justin: Nope
Alex: Okay...do you even like Shane?
Justin: *shakes head no*
Alex: Oh...

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