1D the bounty hunters

justin bieber has been caught stealing a water melon from a shop


2. Two directions

So they all set out on there mission.Zayn,loui and harry headed to the place were JB was last scene, WALMART (ASDA).He was last scene picking up some tolets rolls, when suddenly they get an ugent called from liam, JB was in fact saw in the bread section.

Harry gets his pen out clicks it 3 times and rushes to the bread ill to see if he can get an autograph,while zayn and loui hang the heads in shame and follow harry as he skipps down the mall.

Just as they approach the bread section they see the tips of spiked blonde hair peering over the home made cake boxes, Loui and Zayn decided to leave Harry out of this plan because let's face it he's (let's not go there). they reach to the back of there heavy belts and pull 2 taser gun.

Zayn raises his hand shows 3 fingers , '1,2,3' JUMP.......

They are blinded they jump back,there hands were covering there eyes, they try to focus on what attacked them.

They see shiny black shoes, neatly creased trousers and then it hit there eyes again, a bright blue seqwin jacket they look further up the unknown body, only to find that it was JB, no no no he was in the other ASDA store no this unknown creature was JEDWARD

DA DA DUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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