Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


14. When She Knew.

Louis' POV

At Rockefeller, we all rented ice skates for ourselves. Soon, we were ready to hit the ice.

Natalie said, “For some extra knowledge, I would like to share this piece of info. This rink is actually not supposed to be here today. It was actually an idea of the Rockefeller Plaza owners to build a temporary rink to attract people here. But during the course of time, the rink became so famous that they decided to make it a permanent fixture.”

I said, “Your geekiness is so attractive.”

I grabbed her by the waist and put my lips to hers. I let her hold around my shoulders get tighter. We stopped when Zayn complained, “Mate, you really need to get a room.”

At the rink, it was a lot fun because most of us hadn’t skated for years. Natalie confessed, “I’m not so good at this.”

I gave a cocky smile. “Finally I get the chance to teach you something.”

I took her hand and helped her gain balance. We went around the rink holding hands. Suddenly, something went wrong and Natalie slipped. She fell on the ice, straight on her butt. She cried, “Ouch!”

Before I could ask her if she was alright, I heard someone laugh. I turned around to see a couple of pros laughing at her from one corner of the rink. Zayn, Niall and Liam came to Natalie to help her up while I made my way to the pros.

“What are you morons laughing at, huh?”

One of them spoke up. “Listen kid, why don’t you get back to your geeky-girlfriend and help her un-flatten her tiny ass, eh?”  He high-fived with his friend and laughed even harder.

I didn’t say a word. I pretended to walk away but came back running at them, giving them both a hard kick in the goodies. Bam! And they both went cursing.

I knew what was coming next. So I skated my way back to Natalie before the pros could get their skates fixed to get to me. Zayn and the guys probably got the message and started to hurry Natalie out of the rink.

When we got out of the rink, all of us threw our skates on the floor and ran for our lives. Taking Natalie’s hand I shouted, “Run guys! We need to hurry!” I turned back only to see the enemies making their way towards us.

We made it to the car. I started it and directly hit the gas. We made an awesome exit and when we finally got to the streets, we lost sight of the pros. After a moment of silence, we all looked at each other’s faces and burst out laughing.

Liam: It was so fun!!

Zayn: Did you see that guy’s face? I bet his balls will be hurting for days.

Niall: You bet man.

I laughed. I turned to Natalie and asked, “You okay?”

“Pretty much, except the fact that my ass hurts like hell. And you seriously didn’t have to hit that retard.”

I replied in a serious tone, “Ok. Before you breathe any further, get this one tiny thing clear. Nobody laughs at my girlfriend.”

But Louis wasn’t finished. “Excluding me that is.”

I gave him a couple of hits, saying “You are so mean!”

The last stop of the tour was the Central Park. Seeing Natalie smile, I asked, “What is it?”

“Nothing. I just love the Central Park. It’s so calm and quiet. I bet you guys are gonna love it. ”

I shrugged. “Maybe.”

Ok. I think I’d like to scratch that ‘maybe’ off because Central Park is the best place ever. It’s so calm and fresh, I could actually stay here forever. 

Natalie's POV

We brought ice cream for ourselves and rented some bicycles from Travern to roam around. Louis and I took a double seated one while the guys preferred to stay independent.

While we were roaming around, I and Louis cycled in silence while the guys were going serpentine on their cycles.

Out of the blue, Louis asked, “Ok. This might seem a little weird but how old are you?”

“18. Why?”

“So you are in high school?”

“Of course."  I could smell something fishy. "Louis, what is the matter?”

“Listen, did you notice anything strange at school? Especially among the girl?”

So he knew.

“Lou. It’s okay. I can handle all that. ”

He looked frustrated. “No, it’s not okay. I can’t put you through all this. And you don’t know. Some of the fans are crazy. All the gossips can turn really ugly. They don’t mind hiring people to threaten you or even worse, kill you!

“Hey. Nothing will happen to me. I told you, I can handle all this hate and threats.”

A voice came from far behind. “Louis?”

All of us turned to look. It was Harry. His face was pale and his eyes were smudgy, as if he had been crying.

He said, “Louis. Buddy, I’m so sorry for screaming at you like that. I didn’t want…” and his eyes fell on me. It was in an instant that his face change emotions from sad to extreme hatred.

He said to me, “What is this bitch doing here?”

Louis: Hey Harry. Listen, I would…

Harry (looking straight at me): No bitch, you listen to me. My friend here, Louis, made a big mistake. I apologize on his behalf. And please, don’t act so god damn innocent. We know what you did. The naked-pictues-of-1D thing… we know. So you can wind up this little act of yours and go before I call security to let them know what a Cruella De Vil you have been. Goodbye.

I was shocked. I didn’t speak anything, let alone move.

All I did was turning my face to Louis and asked, “You lied to me! You promised me you wouldn’t say!” I began to cry.

Louis’ POV

Damn it! What is wrong with Harry?

“Harry, you need to go. Guys, please take him. I’ll join you later.”

And so the guys left. Now, I focused on Natalie who was sitting on a bench crying to herself. I sat next to her and said, “Hey. I’m sorry for all that. Harry’s been kinda acting …”

“Is that why he hates me so much?”, she asked, her eyes hunting for an answer. 

I looked at the floor. “Yes. But listen, I can explain.”

She wiped her eyes.“I’m gonna need that.”

“The thing is you were wrong. When you took those naked pictures of us, security did catch you. When I heard about this, I was so angry and out of my mind that I decided to avenge it. I wanted to ruin your life so that you wouldn’t dare to do such a thing ever ever again.” All this time, Natalie’s mouth was wide open.

I kept going, “So I decided to set you up. The biggest fan contest, the date- it was all part of my getting-even plan.”

With pain in her eyes, she looked up and asked, “Why?”

I shrugged. “Breaking a girl’s heart is the best way to ruin a girl’s life. I learned that from Youtube.” I forced a smile.

She didn’t smile. She just cried even harder. “So, you are telling me that it was all a lie?”

“Yes. I Took her hands and said," But Nat, you need to know that what we had was real.”

“Well, that’s what makes this even easier to break my heart right?”

“What? No, Natalie I would never do that to you.”

“You know what? I’m tired of this Lying Game.” She threw away my hands and stood up. “Anyways, congratulations. You succeeded in breaking my heart and so indirectly, you did ruin my life.” She started to walk away, crying.

“Natalie please don’t go.”

She kept walking and crying.

Now I started crying. “At least tell me that you love me. Please?”

She turned. “I did love you, Louis. Well, at least a couple of minutes ago.”

“Then, at least say that you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, Louis. I just hate the fact that I probably never will.” And with that, she turned again and kept walking.

“Natalie, please just don’t go. Please.” I kept calling her name but she didn’t turn, not even once. And it hurt.

Natalie POV

He kept calling my name but I didn’t turn, not even once. And it hurt.

It hurt so bad. I didn’t know what hurt more- the fact that he lied to me or that I lost someone I loved more than I could ever love myself.

I could feel my face fully soaked by my tears. That night, I cried myself to sleep because I knew there was no other way around.

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