Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


11. When He Knew

Natalie's POV

The doorbell rang exactly at 9. I opened the door to see all the four guys dressed in soft colours. Louis walked up to me, gave me a tight hug, kissed me on the forehead and said, “I missed you so much.”

“Me too. Why don’t you guys come in?” All of them walked in. I took out The Avengers for Zayn. Niall agreed to make the popcorn and joined Zayn. Liam however wanted to use the net, so he went to my room.

Louis said, “Nat, would you mind coming upstairs? We need to talk.”

I didn’t like the sound of it. “Okay.”

Louis’ POV

 When I stepped into her room, Liam was already there. She explained, “He needs the net. It’s okay.”

Liam: Yeah. I’ll put the headphones and put some loud music. I’ll probably go temporarily deaf, but I swear I won’t listen to you guys.

So, I and Natalie sat down on her bouncy bed. I held her hands and started, “Did you hear my and Harry’s conversation this morning?”

“Yes.” Her eyes began to water.

Cupping her face, I said, “Hey sweetie, it’s not your fault.”

She kept crying. “But why does he hate me so much?”

“I don’t know. He’s probably just jealous that he’s best friend found someone better than him.”

“Stop joking. Tell me, is it something I did?” Her innocent eyes were now desperate.

“No.” I lied, and it hurt. “Look, I think it’s better if we change the subject.” I picked up a picture of a curly blonde girl from near the bed. The photo was like this-


Natalie saw me picking up the photo and started crying even more.

Bad choice.

I was about to keep the photo back when she took it from me and said, “This is the craziest cancer patient in heaven, Amanda Kelms.” She smiled and went on, “She is my best friend. And she always will be. But I just don’t understand. We were so young, wild, free, living our lives when suddenly…boom… and she’s gone.” She closed her eyes to let a few tears flow down her cheeks.

She continued, “You want to know about her false alarm?”

“What false alarm?”

“Well, it was about a few months ago when she had to be admitted to the hospital. Her condition was real bad and she thought she was gonna die. So she told me of her dying wish. She asked me to…”

 She suddenly stopped.

I was gaining interest. “What was it?”

“Please don’t freak out.” She took a deep breath and confessed, “She asked me to take naked pictures of you guys.”

Oh My God!

I think she saw my eyes growing wider than ever because she shed a few more tears and begged, “I’m sorry! I really am. But she was my best friend. I had to do it. I promised her.”

She did it for her best friend? I should have known.

She pressed my hand, “At least say something?”

“Umm.. I mean wow! I’m in shock. How in earth did you manage to do that?”

“You see, the hotel you guys were staying in was my Dad’s friend’s. He let me in ‘coz I said I wanted to meet you guys. But instead, I snuck into your rooms and did my job extra-fast before anyone could catch me. Funny how security didn’t catch me.” She smiled.

Wish you knew that they have.

“But you need to hear the story. Fortunately, her condition got better and she lived. I can’t help but think that it might be because of the pictures. Anyways, a few weeks later, she got sick again. The doctors expected her to get back up again with a few medications, but no. She grew paler by the minute. She looked as weak as a dry dead leaf.” She kept crying and I kept wiping her tears.

“I’m sorry.” I really felt bad for her.

“It’s alright. Anyways, this time her dying wish was simpler and better. She gave me a box. Wait up, I might still have it.” She got up, opened her wardrobe and took out an old wooden box. She brought it and put it on the bed. It had a label saying- ONLY FOR NATALIE. IF ANYONE ELSE OPENS IT, I SWEAR I’LL DRAG YOU TO MY GRAVE WITH ME!!

“It’s okay. You’re an exception.” She laughed. She opened it. I saw a bunch of stuff inside it. Toys, diary, clothes, stilettos, cards but I picked up what looked the simplest from all those things. It was a letter tied together with a sealed envelope. Natalie saw me untying the ribbon.

She said, “You should read the letter first. Just ignore the last ‘PS’.”

I read it.

Dear Natalie,

Before you open the envelope, I want you know that I don’t want you to get into trouble but, I seriously couldn’t throw them away, and I want you to keep them. They are the pictures you took last time for my false dying wish. Remember?

 Now don’t freak out. It’s okay. I want you to keep ‘em. You can do whatever you want with them, but DO NOT THROW THEM. PLEASE. It’s a dead best friend’s, cancer patient’s and a true directioner’s wish. And have a happy life.

PS- I know you’re gonna get married to Louis someday and have a bunch of great kids. :D

-Love, Amanda.

I was speechless. Natalie was damn right. Amanda was such a crazy person.

“That means the pictures are in the envelope?”

“Yes. Louis, you need to trust me. I swear I didn’t open it.”

I didn’t respond. I reached for the envelope. The glue closing the flap was still there.

I looked up, shocked. “You seriously didn’t open it? Not even once?”

“Why would I? See, I really regret it. And I don’t want them. All because of Amanda I’m gonna have to keep them.”

See why I love her?

I opened the envelope. I took out the pictures. Natalie closed her eyes and walked away to keep some distance. The pictures were quite… clear. They showed… well, everything. God, if they ever got out, One Direction would be ruined forever.

Natalie walked up to me, and bent down on one knee. She took my hand and cried, “I’m really sorry Louis. I really am. But I had to do it. I swear I didn’t want it to happen. I would love to throw them or something, but you know I can’t. ” She kept of crying.

I picked her up. “Natalie, it’s okay. I swear it is. I’m glad you told me.”

I wrapped her into a tight hug. I looked up to see Liam wide-eyed, eye brows raised and completely in shock. I knew he had been eavesdropping. He did a lip-zipping action and let me know that he wouldn’t tell anyone. And Liam was a man who took his word seriously.

I held Nat by the shoulder and asked, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about it. Let’s go downstairs and play something. Okay?”

Through her teary eyes, she said, “Okay. I love you so much.”

I smiled. “Love you more.”

I gave her a sweet tender kiss and we headed downstairs.


Author's Note

Okay, this is really late for this but yes, finally i got a pic that matches Natalie. So here it is,

PS- she is more of a brunette than a blonde.

-Happy reading. Its gonna get better. :)

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