Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


16. Surprise surprise.

Natalie’s POV

I have to go.

I mean this might be my only chance to talk to Louis and try to work things out. But…

I can’t go.

What if he isn’t ready to talk? What if he breaks up with me and I end up crying in front of everybody?

Thoughts like this kept blowing in and running out of my mind. I seriously didn’t like my choices. This sucks so much.

However, after two long thoughtful hours, I made up my mind.

This better be worth it.

I put on the dress that Louis gave me to wear on our first date or rather “fake” date. I put on some eye liner and some lip gloss (not much of a make-up person) and left a note before leaving home.


The yacht was huge.

Probably the hugest I had ever seen. Every inch of it was beautifully decorated. Celebs were everywhere.  Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber (seriously?), Jay-Z, Lady Gaga…you name it. If I wasn’t on a mission already, I think I would have crawled around the place, with an autograph book. But I had my mind set on one thing, and I had to do it. But looking around I knew that it would be a miracle if I could find Louis in this crowd.

When I neared the bar, I spotted Harry, in a sleek black tux . He looked surprised to see me. “I almost thought you wouldn’t come.”

i rolled my eyes. “Trust me, I thought so too.” 

“I know. I’m so damn convincing right?” he said with a sexy grin.  Apparently, I wasn’t in the mood. Harry shut his smile and asked, “I’m gonna search in the washroom for him. Meanwhile,” he looked around and added, “Just, don’t get lost.”

He went and disappeared into the buzzing crowd. I kept my eyes wide open, moving here and there, everywhere. Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned. Zayn.

“Hey. What a surprise! How’s it going?”

“Nothing much. Have you seen Lou?”

“No. But he should be here somewhere. I made sure that he came, and I told the guards on every exit to make sure he didn’t leave. You want me to help looking for him?”

“Nah. He’ll be around somewhere. Go enjoy yourself.” I forced a smile. Off went Zayn.

I looked over to the stage. Liam was singing a sweet love song for Danielle. I stood still and tried to relax. And then, the weirdest (and probably the best) idea clicked. I saw it in 27 Dresses. And honestly, I knew that was my only shot. 

As soon as Liam finish, I rushed towards the stage, almost knocking off Lady Gaga because of her 7 inch heels. I reached the stage, took the mike from Liam before he could finish his “Hey”.  I turned towards the crowd and opened my mouth to say..well, nothing.


“Hello everyone. Good evening. Just so you know, I’m not one of the performers here. I just umm.. wanted to make an announcement.” My eyes found harry. He shook his head with a shrug.

Where are you Louis?

“I’ve been searching for Louis Tomlinson. But I couldn’t find him, so umm.. maybe you guys could just look around and help me spot him.”

All the uncountable heads started to turn here and there. Whispers everywhere. But no one made an effort to move.

Lazy celebs!

I sighed and added, “Ok. You know what? It’s okay. You guys can stop looking for him.”

Louis’ POV

“Ok. You know what? It’s okay. You guys can stop looking for him.”

I knew Natalie was going to do this.

Such a stubborn and stupid girl.

“Umm.. Louis, wherever you are, I know you’re listening to me and probably thinking “Such a stubborn and stupid girl!” Well, that’s me.” She sighed. “There is no reason for you to think that I’ve come here to crash a party. Ummm.. I guess I just wanted to apologize. Big time. ”

Me too, love.

“The last couple of days have been horrible for me, especially knowing that I haven’t been completely honest with you too Louis. You remember our last conversation at Central Park? I clearly remember you asking me if I loved you or not, to which I said.. ”


“Not.” Her eyes started to shine like diamonds. “I want you to know that it wasn’t me speaking. I mean, it was a moment of anger and realization and truth all mixed together. And I don’t know what got into me, but I want you to know that I lied. Because Louis, I love you. I love you so much. And I miss you a lot. ”

I do too, Natalie.

“Honestly, I don’t know if you believe in us anymore, but I do. And I am aware of the fact that there are probably millions of girls all around the world are waiting in line to take the chance that I blew off. But just in case you change your mind” she wiped her tears and said, “I guess I’ll be waiting in line.”

Finally she was done. I wiped my own tears and sat there in silence. But there wasn’t any silence because all of a sudden, Natalie started to sing. An original song.

Natalie was singing her own song!. And apparently, it was for me.

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