Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


9. Rumour Has It.

Natalie's POV

The next day, at school, things seemed very weird. Every single girl that I passed kept staring at me in an I-hate-you-and-you-know-it way. That was awkward because normally, I was excellent in passing by unnoticed. Today, I really missed my cloak of invisibility.

Luckily, I met Megan at lunch (she is my second best friend). She wore a light blue dress and her blonde hair was pulled back into a smart pony. She said, “Hey. I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Yeah. After Amanda died.”

“I know. It sucks. So, WHO are you?”

“If you’re asking ‘how’, then I’m good. Thanks.”

“No, I’m asking ‘who’.”

“Are you high, Megan?”

“No. Have you heard of the latest 1D gossip?”

“No. Why?”

“Well, because you are the gossip. I was in the concert last night, along with many other girls from our school.” That explains the staring.


Megan went on, “I saw you on-stage. I rubbed my eyes twice to confirm that it was you. What you did for Louis was nice, but the resulting gossips aren't. Some people can be so judgmental.  So tell me, is it true?”


“That you are dating Louis Tommo the Tomlinson?”

“Duh. If it were true, you would have been the first to know,” I lied. Actually, I didn’t know the answer either.

“Great. By the way, Louis’ song was awesome. I wish Harry would sing a song like that to me.” (Pssst- Megan can be really dramatic at times.)

Then, she kept in blabbering about how hot Harry looked at the concert and how great their kids would look, if they were had any.

I couldn’t bear it anymore. “Geez. Stop it.” 

“What? I’m just predicting. And by the way, you need to tell Harry about me when you meet up with Louis. Deal?”


“Thank you. And sorry, but I gotta go. See ya!” I waved her goodbye.

Somehow I managed my day through all those hateful stares from almost every girl at school. I had no idea that one on-stage show could ruin so much of my daily life. Was it gonna be this hard to be with Louis?

No offence, but I like Celeb gossip. Guess I should have known how it felt to be part of it.

At home, I was welcomed by a chit stuck to the front door by chewing gum. Ew! 


I went to my room, and put the chit inside my drawer. (I couldn't throw it mainly because my mom is quite interested reading thrown pieces of junk since she is really into using up half-used paper and stuff). (I know she's crazy).

I sat down on the bed and rubbed my frustrated face with my hands.

How long is this going to go on?

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