Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


22. Yours truly.

My body seem to paced backward from his kiss. I was desperate for it. But I didn't want to seem too desperate to him, plus I dont want to platter myself across the news. Too late. Its nice knowing he was just as desperate as me.


We both decided that it would be safer to get inside after a teenage girl try to break over the glass window using her fists.


Harry never failed to surprise me, he held my hand as my body radiance the touch that I could not explain. I am going along with everything thats happening right now, this is it? Will we go back to how the way things was 6 months ago? I honestly don't know and surely afraid of the answer. What if this will effect his band, his future? I mean, obviously the paps captured what happened and eventually they will secreted out the whole story. I don't want to be the reason all this happened.


Harry open the door and we both literally jumped into the room, hearing fans yelling “ harrrrry “ from across the hallway. Justin stood up as if he was just having some tea and reading the sunday news paper. Why is he acting so cooly? I could feel my head spinning.


“ we need to get out of here. “ justin cooly gesture is no where to be captured and is replaced by some kind of secret agent worker.


“ why? “ I asked, there is no reason we have to leave. Its not like the cops are coming to get me because harry now knows everything.


“ you two need time alone “ he says, getting his brand new leather jacket on his shoulder.



Temperture raises as I could feel my cheeks flushing, I didn't bother to look at harry. The thought of spending time alone with harry is basically what I need right now but I would never admit it, not right now.


“ where should we go. “ I actually thought harry was talking to me but he wasn't.


“ go to my house. Paps will never find you there. I'll stay in the hotel for the night. “ justin says professionally as he clean out his sunglass lenses with his thumb.


“ Annabeth will lead you, its about 15 minutes from here. “ I could feel a golden green set of eyes on me.


“ alright, thanks bro. We will take the exit out. “


“ anything I can do, bro “



bro? Since when did justin and harry became ' bros '. I remember harry wanted to kill him for kidnapping me and now they are broing eachother. I usually dislike changes but I enjoy this one and the one thats about to come up.


“ lets go before my boys rush in, I really dont feel like telling the horrid story right now. “ his tone sounds serious but the smile escape his face.


“ lets go. I'll drive.”



Justin POV


I am not only happy that Annabeth looks happier but how I developed a bond with harry. I saw Annabeth laughed a little when harry and I had our conversation. She needed that, I havn't seen her laughing since harold ate my leftover pizza, man that dog is smart.


I stop at a pizzaria place through a drive through and parked to eat. I know I should be worrying about Alanna but it would be best for me to rest my mind for once. Selfish right? Ya so was Alanna. She is probably with her brother, sobbing or maybe thinking about taking out the baby.


Taking out MY baby . I am having a second thought about leaving myself sometime to rest . I don't think thats going to happen.


I throw the rest of the pizza into the dump station near by and start setting up my track for Alanna.


Niall POV


I pat my sister's shoulder for comfort, we finally stopped at comfort inn. We've been driving for a long amount of time and I dont think that is healthy for 3 of us, including the baby.


We got out keys as I grab Alanna's stuff, she is staying silent. Its actually quite sad seeing her like this. I'm not going to lie, I know it all along that today will come. Sooner or later, this just happen to get sooner.



Harry was as pissed as ever as I try to come up with an explanation but I got nothing. He already known everything, leaving me with no excuse.


“ niall. “ Alanna lays down on the couch.


“ Am I a bad person? “ her voice is low and powerless.


I don't know what to say honestly.



“ I know I am, I did that to harry. I “ I could feel her breathing stop.


“ breath, its going to be okay. “ I tap her shoulder softly.


“ Niall I love Harry so much. Why, why doesnt he feel the same for me. “ she close her eyes but tears escape out.


“ Alanna.. “ I didnt want to not say anything.


“ it just really hurts. “ her eyes glow in sadness. It really is really heartbroken to see my little sister like this but who is to blame? I was basically helping her to hurt herself. I know nothing will change Harry's love for Annabeth. Not in a million years.


“ Somethings arn't meant to be. “ thats all i've got.


Alanna shut her eyes quickly as her body starts to tremble in the most emotionally way i've never seen before. Her tears slides down her pale cheeks. The picture of how hurt she is aches my heart.


Alanna POV


The rain starts pouring blending me into the sadness motion that I am already in.


I sit myself up. It is a lot harder to contain my balance now since i've only got a couple months left. I seriously have no idea what to do next. I am completely defeated. All I feel is hurt, heartbroken. If only I didn't move to stay with Niall, all of this would never happened. But meeting Harry and having a chance to be with him was the best thing that ever happened to me. The way he holds my hand so soft, so gentleman like. But its just that, nothing else, no connection. I'd do anything to feel his touch again, the memory takes me back when he would talk to our baby. Well, just mine..


“ I want to move back to ireland. “ I told Niall.


“ Hmm. “ what does that suppose to mean.


“ what about Justin? “ he ask.


“ I dont know. “ I say honestly.


“ he is the father, no matter you like it or not, Alan. “ I hate how careless he seems about how I feel right now.


“ I don't want to be stuck with him. “ I sigh loudly.


“ The kid needs a father. “ Niall takes a sip off his coffee.


I roll my eyes at him and turn on the tv. I don't want to admit it, but I really wouldn't mind Justin.


Not long after, three knocks appear on the door. Niall raise his hand to get the door and I started laughing because of the flashback of us when we were little, how we would always fight who get the door first.


I hear the door open as silent came after it, too quite.


His clothes soaking wet from running through the rain.


Little did I know that he would come for me.

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