Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


10. Nothing happened.

Justin POV

She sat down on the chair as she starts crossing her legs.

" So, I hope you did your job "

" Well, She is Harry's ex- girlfriend " I'm trying to limit all the information that I already know.

" go on " I sigh.

I didn't say a thing back.

" go fucking on! you are an FBI I know you are not that stupid " She starts yelling at me.

" They both still love each other very much. " that should end it.

Alanna stood up, turn around to face the wide window, close to her bed.

" I want Harry. " her voice was cleared.

She turns around to face me, " Where is she? "

" That, I don't know I'm sorry " I lied, what if she will try to hurt Annabeth.

" I don't care, find out. " she yells, taking a cup of drink.

I shook my head.

" I guess we are done here, I got a flight to Australia in about an hour, but you need to call me and ready to have me the information." she starts commanding.

I shook my head again.

All of a sudden, knocking noise appear on the door.

" oh gosh, stay here don't go anywhere. I don't want my brother to know that I hired an FBI. understand? "

She walks out the door.

All of a sudden, I starts feeling tired and low. Opening the little fridge behind her bed and starts grabbing a beer.

I chuck it in, hoping it will pump me up. It didn't take long for me to finish, so I start grabbing another since I'm still not feeling any better.


Alanna POV

" What, Niall " I'm on the middle of some business but of course, Niall would distract me.

" I'm just here to tell you that the flight got delayed, we will go tomarrow instead. "

" Alright, alright. bye " I close the door on my brother's face. That's done with. Since we are not traveling today, I guess i'll get into some comfortable clothes. Got into my closet room, grab some comfy short shorts and a white tanktop, slip them on as I walk back to my room for the FBI.


Walking in the room, seeing about 8 bottles of empty beer on the table. how fucking rude.

" Are you drunk ? " I give a gentle slap on his face.

"No, nooo noo no " he is, definitely.

" I guess you can get a sleep and stay for couple hours until you will be able to drive. " I told him, catching all the beer bottles and throw them into the trash can.

As I finish, I feel a set of arms across my waist, tight.

" What are you doing "

He didn't answer but just moan.

" Get off " I didn't want to yell too loud.

He hold me really tight that there was no way of getting out. His body sways on the direction of my bed.

Oh no, he is drunk. He doesn't know what he is doing. I try every which way of escaping his muscled arms.

Lastly, we both landed on the bed.

Justin starts ripping my clothes off, and there was no turning back.


Justin POV


I've waken up to the night sky from the window. How long have I been asleep? I was that drunk, oh god.

I turn my body around, noticing Alanna sleeping naked beside me as the pictures came to my mind.

Her body against mine, pleasure starts building up, I didn't let her escape but keep going, addicted.

I was completely uncontrollable.


 "Oh god ," I starts messing with my hair, what did I do.

Alanna suddenly lift her self up, covering her breasts.


" Just forget everything, we are done. Your job is done. Nothing happened, now just go. " She looks a bit upset.

" No, I'm responsible for this. " I didn't remember of putting a condom on at all.

" No, go away. " I caught a tear on her face.

I stayed, I can't walk away from something like that.

" GO AWAY GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME. " she cried out.

I'm waiting for her to calm down.

" you really want to be responsible for what happened? "

I shook my head in an agreement.


" Then pretend like nothing happened between us, that's all I want from you. "




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