Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


4. News

Niall POV

I got a knock from my front door, as I hurried to open it up. I am so excited that my sister will stay to help me with all this work.

I flew the door open, getting up my excited face wide.

" Hi, Niall " Harry starts laughing.

" What's up with the face " he laughs even more, how embarresing. But, that's the first laugh I've heard from him for weeks.

" Told you, time will heal " I give him a gentle push on his left chest, realizing its been a month now since that last talk I had with harry.

" I guess, but I still love her very much " I can see his dimple slightly appearing.

I pat him on his shoulder.

" so, why were you so excited? " he asked cheekily.

" I thought my sister is coming. " I let out a sigh.

" Aw, you're such a good big bro nialler " He mes with my hair a little as I let out a laugh.

* knock Knock *

My eyes grew open.


Annabeth POV

It has been a month now, that I start living with my new characteristics. It didn't feel that much different, I'm still Annabeth Ashford, the name given by my highly missed parents.

The only person who can call me Annabeth is Justin, well only when we are not in public. Other places, people around the city known me as Persephone Anderson, using Justin's last name. Stating that I'm his ' real ' sister.

Quite honestly, it didn't quite fit my hearing being called Persephone  because I got so used of being called Annabeth. But I'm developing, each day, by day.

Also, I have to be honest, I love living here. Peace and quite, all besides me is the beautiful ocean in my backyard. And I'm feeling better, although my heart never forgets about him, its been tattooed. Uneraseable.


" ANNABETH YOU'RE GOING LATE " Justin starts pounding on my door. Oh shit, I completely was too concluded in my thoughts that I've forgotten. Justin got me accepted into a bar place, as a waiter, he doesn't want to me work at night because you know, crazy things happens in those places. So, I work morning shifts till noon. Sometimes, Justin even suggested me to enroll into a college, school is the last thing I would think about.

I got tired of just staying at home, having nothing to do all day and lying on Justin's money. I want to be able to stand up on my own again.

I got my uniform, waiter name tag on " Persephone Anderson - waiter " and start rushing out of the door.


Alanna POV

I just got into where Niall, my brother is staying at and starts knocking on the door. I've got so much stuff and I feel tired. I want sleep. Ireland to U.s isn't easy hours, and I'm only here because my brother ask me to, or else I wouldn't risk this.

He finally opens the door, thank god. Feeling the air conditioner going through my sweaty face, ugh.

" Hi, Alanna " Niall yells up, hurting my ears. shut up.

I push him over as I lay my suitcases down harshly.

Walked myself over to get some water from the fridge, leaning my hands over but there isn't any left. My brother has loads of money but water, what the heck really, Niall.

" Hey, you. I've got the last bottle sorry. " curlyed brown hair cutie, Of course I know who he is, Harry styles. He looks at me as he starts drinking the last bottle. He looks so much hotter in real life. I quickly wipe off my sweats, adjust my hair and shoot him a shy smile so maybe, he will be interested in me.


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