Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


21. mine.

I ran out as fast as I could out the door, I didn't bother to be smooth and close the door back up. I couldn't. I felt weak. I was loosing my mind.


“ do you have any idea where Annabeth is? “ his quote keeps trembling through my head causing me this massive ache that I could no long take.


I wish I was able to stand my ground and said “ I'm right here “ or something that presents some bravery. But I'm not brave. At least not enough to say those words to him. I don't understand why I am this upset. Because you thought he would notice you, because you were standing right there, my head sent me some of my thoughts. I now truly believe that I belong into a mental hospital. This is all too much for me. I stopped my running and landed myself on a chair infront of the bathroom after I realize how tired I really am from the running.


Tears stream down my face as I see a big shadow covering me, I didn't bother to look up. Why can't Justin leaves me alone for once, just once. Untill I realize it, I crashed down on to his chest. I need a hug, a warm comforting hug.


Something about this body feels similar, its been long since I felt like this reminds .. this .. this..


my heart skipped a beat, trying out my braveness to look up to see who it is.


My eyes locked on to his, his beautiful green eyes appear to look so perfect, glossy. Are those tears?


“ Annabeth.” it was a half question half statement.


“ Harry. “ I slowly say his name, I could feel my heart beating in a dangerous velocity. Not long after our name calling, our bodies move closer. I let my body flow, let it do what it wants to. So is his body, slowly and gently moving towards me. I wish I could capture his smile in a picture.


Our bodies interwind, forming what seems like a long lost hug. His bare arms wrap around my waist, my hands on his shoulders. Its been so long since i've felt this feeling. So long.


I shouldn't have said goodbye. I should of known that I can't live without him. I should of known we will always end up together, I should of known that i'll still love him. I should of known that I will never be able to let go. I should of known.


Tears of happiness from his presents surprisingly replaced the hurtful tears I was shedding out. I feel so happy. I feel like the other piece of my heart has been put together again. But then I don't know that, I don't know if he still feels the same after what it feels like centuries.


We both let go of the long hug we gave but reconnect our eye contacts. I want to keep mine on his, seeing the tears streaming down from his eyes makes my heart throb. He is hurt too. He was suppose to be happy, with his new girlfriend, a child coming up, but now these tears are caused from me.


I reach out my fingertips and try to tap out the tears on his cheeks. His hand slowly push mine off.


“ I want to let it stream, i've been waiting for so long. “ he says gently, calming my ears.


“ why did you change your looks because of me? “ he ask, I see the curiousity written all over his face. Justin can't keep his big mouth shut.


“ because, I didn't want you to ever find me. “ I intensify the word didn't, making sure he notice the past tense of it.


“ I have been trying to find you since Nancy passes away. I gave up hope. And you came for me. “ hearing his perfect voice and his accent again, feeling like I am finally home.


“ somehow, I am back for you. “ I spot a smile on his flawless face.


“ that's why you were acting weird when you were serving my food weeks ago. “ he chuckles.

Remembering that horrible night gave me a shockwave.


“ you saved me. “ his eyes glare into mine as his words softens my heart.


Harry POV.


“ I should of never let you go, I knew that I will never be able to get over you. I thought I could. “ her voice comforts my heart. Starring into her eyes is giving me the best feelings.


I realize how stupid I am, I knew there was something about the waiter. Something that seems similar. But I was stubborn as well as a lack of hope. Her appearance might change but her eyes are still the same, The pair of eyes and the heart of the girl I fell in love for.


I've had sleepless nights dreaming of meeting her once again. And it finally came true.


“ lets go back inside. “ she says, uncomfortably shifting backwards. I notice the paprazzi creeping through the glass window.


I stopped her, grabbing her waist closer to me as I slowly crash my lips on to hers. I've missed it. I am in desperate of it. And I'm not going to waste anytime hiding from the medias.


Annabeth seems to obey, I know she is desperate for it too. I know she still loves me.


“ i've missed you so much. “ we both let go, leaving me breathless.


Her nose touched mine as I feel a sudden heat.


“ I miss you so much, Harry. “


“ I love you. “


“ I love you more. “



( hi guys, sorry for late update! Enjoy and yes this is coming closer to the end! I dont know if I want to make the story go on. Plus I don't want to lag the story! Give me some suggestions i'd love to see (: thank you for everything guys )

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