Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


9. I miss you.

Harry POV

Finished my dinner as I sat myself down on the chair on my balcony. Fresh air fill in my lungs, admiring the sky scrapers, and the stars. Reminding me of Annabeth. Our first kiss, we were surrounded by stars. It was one of the best moments of my life.


Its been more than 2 months, but the wound is still there, wide open. I miss her so much, I wonder if she miss me too. All the memories with her trembles under me, sending me a heartache, cutting deep through every inches of my heart.

Comes sliding down the tears, slowly moving through my cheeks.

Annabeth,  Where are you?  How have you been? How's your life without me? I hope its not as miserable as mine. Because my heart still beats for you, Annabeth. And it hurts not knowing anything of your doing, its like you disappear from me, its hard to take that as reality, I love you so much.

I stood up from my chair, suddenly. Before I break down again.

Holding on the balcony fence for support.

" I will find you, Annabeth. I will find you. "


Niall POV

I didn't knock the door because it was already open wide. Harry is not anywhere in his room, then, he must be in the balcony. I slide the glass door.

" Thinking about her again, pal " I pat his shoulder.

" I miss her, Niall " He says still facing the sky.

I position myself next to him, I glance over , seeing tears spreading.

" You're the kind of man who only sticks with one, never thought of moving on, loving her with all your heart. " I explain.

" You're a good man, harry " I say to him, patting his back.

He turns his face with a gentle smile.

" thanks, Niall. You're a good mate also. " He pat my back also.

Not so long after we take our moments to admire the stars, harry sigh.

" how am I suppose to know where she is, Niall " Harry close his eyes, hurtful look fill his face.

I point my finger to his left chest, his heart.

" Start listening to it. " I answer him.

He looks confused and irritated.

" If its meant to be, no matter what happens you both will always end up together. " I send the message to him.

Harry shook his head in agreement, wiping off his tears.

" Thanks, Niall " He give me a thank you hug.


" Now, stop thinking too much and get some rest. We have to get up early to catch the plane for our Australia tour tomarrow , remember.

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