Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


15. Finally found you.

Annabeth POV


I walk down stairs slowly into the darkness of the living room. Quickly I skim myself into every room on the 1st floor, also Justin's room and see emptiness. I slide myself on the couch as I feel a set on ears on my leg, my little Harold.

I pick him up and set him on my lab.


" Its just going to be me and you then. " I hug the brown dog gently. He sends me a little signal as for my comfort.


Not long after I get to relax for a couple minutes, I grab the labtop that was sitting on the living room table and set it infront of me.


Google search, Harry styles and Alanna.


Scrolling past the news articles and stop on the interview video that was lived yesterday.

I tap the play button.

Watching it as I could feel my heart burning. Them both holding hands, Harry looks so happy..

I decide to let the tears fall, knowing it is time to get over him for real. I stood myself up and burned through the whole video.

As I finish, putting the computer and glance at the clock that is hanging on the wall.

" shit " I screamed to myself.

I'm late for work, I have a night shift today. I hope Justin won't mind.


Justin POV

I left Annabeth after I thought of everything through yesterday. I know I should of told her why I am leaving but I can't say it without the secret being exposed. I know I have to tell Annabeth about the child, but I have to be sure of it first.


So now, I am driving to Sydney where I believe Alanna is right now. I need to talk to her. And get it all straight.


Harry POV

We just finish our concert in Gladstone as the boys suggested that we should go get a night supper at a restaurant place close to the arena.

I am so glad Alanna is staying in Sydney, she would boss me around and not letting me spend time with the lads but her. I'm finally feeling free after hours and hours of her.

We all enter the restaurant, it looks quite fancy and beachy style looking like a tiki house all around. And it is also right by the beach, it is absolutely beautiful.


The waiter came, took our orders and rush out of the perimeter as was she was trying to hide something. I laughed a bit seeing her reactions, she is probably a fan.


Annabeth POV

A group of boys, nicely dressed came through the door as I didn't realize it was one direction until my manager command me to take their orders. Why me, there are other waiters. Not going to lie, my heart skips a beat seeing Harry again after what almost feels like a year. But I remind myself he is not mine anymore, he has a girlfriend.


Before going to get their orders I quickly ran into the bathroom and check if I still look like Persephone, not annabeth. Check.

My hand starts shaking a little as I write their orders down.

" I'll take the baby ribs please with extra mash potatoes. " Last person to order, Harry met my eyes as I disconnect the stare and shakily write down the orders.

My heart doesn't feel like beating. He doesn't notice me. But why was I expecting another reaction from him? maybe something like Omg annabeth! or I finally found you.


But no.


That's not what I want.


I want to hide from him.


He has a girlfriend, annabeth. I remind myself.


" Alright, well, i'll go get your drinks. " I put words together and rush out of that area.


I quickly put in the orders as fast as I possibly could and run into the bathroom, delaying their drinks. I can't take it. My heart is aching. Why am I like this? I suppose to like it that Harry doesn't notice me anymore. I'm not suppose to be crying because he doesn't recognize me, i'm suppose to be happy.


But then I realize. The whole reason that I changed my looks is because so I could escape from him. But he is here. Why is he here. There are hundreds of restaurant in this town and he is in the restaurant that I work in.




But you love him Annabeth, you still do. why do you want to escape.


I feel like I'm going crazy, I feel like running away, far away. Theres no point, Harry doesn't notice Annabeth anymore. Annabeth has been replaced. He have forgetten about me.


After a few moments, someone knocks on my bathroom door.


" Persephone, are you alright. ?  " I'm sure its my co-worker Marie.


" Yes, " I lied as I open the door up and hand her the drinks order and food.


" please, take it for me. I'm not feeling well. " as soon as I told her I grab my purse that was sitting in the workers room across from the bathroom section and walk out the door as fast as I could.


Harry and the other boys were sitting almost in the front of the restaurant, they probably notice me rushing out but at this point, I need to get out. I'm breaking down.




Marie, co-worker POV


I was shocked seeing the hurt impression on Persephone's face. I'll check what was wrong with her later but now I need to catch the customer up with drinks.


After a couple minutes of getting the drinks prepped out I walk over carefully to their table.


" here you go. and sorry for the delay I am so sorry." I say sincerely.


" what happened to the waiter we had before. " The guy with curly hair asks as he takes a sip off of his dr. pepper.


" she had to leave. that is all I know. "


" She left her wallet, it was fallen out of her pocket when she was taking our orders. " the only boy with blonde hair says.


" Well, I'm sure I could take it and give back to her when I have a chance. " I say. As the blonde boy hands me the wallet but before it could get on my hand. He accidently drops it as the wallet swings open.

Niall POV

I was amazed and shocked at the same time. Harry was drinking his soda and not paid attention when I accidently dropped the wallet.

As it swung open, I see a picture of Annabeth in it. So it must mean that, the waiter knows Annabeth! maybe annabeth is living with her right now!

How amazing for Harry to know that information. But then I give myself a reality check, my sister needs Harry. I can't tell Harry what I saw, he might leave my sister for Annabeth. That can't happen.


I have to keep it to myself, I'm so so sorry, Harry.



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