Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


17. everything is about to change


I waited for Niall to catch me up as he sprints my way after his phone call. I see a worried look with a hidden something on his face. I really hope that phonecall wasn't from his sister. I'd hate to deal with it right now or. I wonder if Alanna called Niall to check on me. Ya, I'm sure it was her. Why cant she just trust me? I trust her, at least thats what I think.


Thinking about living with her for the rest of my life gives me a headache but imagine a baby, my baby, my first child. That i'll get to hold someday, soon. If its a boy i'll buy hi car toys, hot wheels for him and play with him. If its a girl i'd buy my little girl dolls and play dressup with her in her room as she takes me on a tea party with her stuff bears. It looks like a dream.


I dont really want to say this because it is so wrong. I wish I could live with Annabeth. THAT would be a happily ever after to me. I know my words sends a diferrent message than my heart. I don't love Alanna, my heart still belongs to someone who..


I really didn't want to continue my thoughts, remembering what it feels like when I missed her. I hate missing her because there is nothing I can actually do about it, and it just hurt, a lot.


“ so, was that from Alanna, niall” I finally ask after drowning in thoughts.


He looks unsure like, he is trying to decide to tell me or not.


“ of course, it is her. “ niall grins at me, a fake one.


“ what's going on? Just a little brother and sister talk? “ I dig deeper, I dont know why I care. Niall's body reaction seems weird and out of his way like there is a hidden message.


He didn't answer my question as I shoot him another.


“ is there something you need to tell me Niall? “ I ask again this time looking stright into his eyes.


“ no nuthing. “ his accent spoke as he uneasily walks away to louis.


Why is Niall acting so weird? There must be something. Before he got on the phone with Alanna he was ready to tell me something but that phone call paused it.


Man, i'm worrying about pointless things way too much.


Alanna POV


“ Niall, please please get Harry somehow away from Justin. I think he is really coming to harry to tell the truth to him. I cant let that happen! “ I yell at him with angered left by justin to my brother.\


“ what “ he whisper to me.


“ keep Harry away. “ I declare again, getting pretty annoyed for having to repeat it.


“ how do I do that? “

“ you tell me! “ I can no longer stand up, stupid baby is hurting my damn stomach.


“ there is no way, alan. That would be way too suspicious to harry. “ can he just shut up and do what I told him.


“ just fucking keep harry away from a stranger do what you fucking have to do I dont fucking know how just fucking do it. “ I turned red as I hang up on the phone I am so pissed. Niall is so stupid.


I just really hope that Niall will do this job right. Ugh,i better go to sleep this stupid baby on my stomach is moving way too much.


Justin POV


I am right infront of the house as I see no light coming out of Annabeth's room. Well, why am I so surprised. It is 3am in the morning.


I just really want to tell her about the whole thing. About how the world is smaller than we think, harry's girlfriend is having my baby. And that I found harry and you two can get back together. Be happy. And Alanna will stay back off and of course, I take care of her. She is really such a bother but I think I can handle it. I will take the responsibilty.


Tomarrow morning, when Annabeth wakes up. I'll tell her about everything.


After she formulates everything. She will go with me to search for Harry.


Everything is about to change, and I can not wait.


( hi guys! how are you? i know i havnt been updating i've been busy with my school but promise i'll be updating more! tell me what you think(:  thank you x)

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