Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


26. *** Author's note *** please read. (:

Hey guys!


I just want to thank you guys so much for reading and keeping up with this sequel it really means so much to me and I really want to thank each and everyone of you (:


The story is officially ending as I decide to work on my newest fanfiction on wattpad!

It is called ' tattooed ' and my username on there is Tonti_


i'd really appreciate it if you check it out (:


Thank you so much for everything! and if you want to talk to me about anything feel free to kik me, username tontixoxo (: i'd love to talk to you!


Thank you xxx

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