I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


3. The soccer 'practice'

  I meet Niall by the table we ate at earlier that day. "Hey love!" Niall says. "Hey." I laugh. "So when are we getting the equipment?" I ask. "We'll, we have to wait until the janitors are done cleaning the locker rooms. And then we'll go in and get the cleats, shin guards and balls." Niall thoroughly explains. I look into his eyes and nod. 

   "Come on, they're gone." Niall says as we walk towards the gym door. We walk in and run into the locker rooms and get all of the soccer stuff. Niall and I run out of the gym and run towards the fields. I put on the cleats and take one of the balls out of the bag. I take a deep breath and walk onto the field. "So, did you play at home?" Niall asks. "Yeah." I say tapping the ball with my toe. "So what league?" Niall asks rainbowing the ball. "Premiere." I say. "Okay what position, miss Andrews?" Niall laugh taking the ball from my feet. "Forward, right left and center mid." I laugh trying to get the ball away from him. "Here comes her outer soccer player!!" Niall laughs shooting the ball at the goal. The ball smoothly soars into the back of the goal. "Wow! You have an amazing kick!" I say. "Thanks. I'm sure yours is better. Come on shoot on me." He laughs getting into the goal. "Okay, but I am warning you I had the hardest kick in the league!" I laugh placing the ball on the penelty spot. 

    I slowly back up. I walk towards the bal and hit it. Niall goes to stop it and jumps up. It hits his hand and falls back over the line. "Ow, my hand" he laughs shaking it. "Oh my god, I'm sorry!" I laugh running up to make sure he was okay. "It's okay!! You warned me!" He laughs as we walk to the table. 

     I look at his hand and see an indent of the soccer ball placed on his hand. "I am so sorry." I say putting my hand on his. "It's fine. Don't worry I'll survive!" He says laughing. "Yeah, so now you know I was on a premiere team." I laugh looking at his hand. "Yeah! You should try out for the premiere team here. They are really good and your better." He says looking down at his hand. I look at him with a smile. He is still looking down at his hand. He looks up and smiles. "Thanks." I say. "Your welcome." He says. 

    We walk towards the parking lot. "Hey, I'm sorry about your hand." I say. "It is fine, I've got hurt worst." He says shaking his hand. I smile. "Well, I better start heading home." I say pointing towards my phone. "Okay see you tomorrow." Niall says. I start to walk away and then I hear Niall walking behind me. I turn around and Niall pecks me on the lips. I let go and smile. He smiles back. "Well, bye." He says with a big smile. "Bye." I smile as I walk towards my car. 

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