Is this Really What I Want?

Future-ish. Riley is a famous actress and singer. It used to be so fun. But is it all it's cracked out to be? She travels alone, and she feels lonely. Will she find someone?

Sorry it sounds stupid, but I'm working on it... And I kinda agree with some people against RP accounts. So I'm gonna write stories.


6. Chapter 6 'Riley' "Getting Ready For The Party"

I sat down as makeup artists rushed brushes over my face, stylists fixed my outfit, and hair stylists curled my hair. I stared at my reflection and posted a picture of me. I stepped into my clothes and shoes. As I stood stylists put fake nails on me, hemmed the dress, shinned the shoes, fixing my hair, and fixing my makeup. Half an hour later they finished and I had to sit down with a woman who helped me with my poses, how to walk, and what questions not to answer. Then Mrs. Money gave me a lecture about how I had to leave a good impression so she could get good recognition. After her lecture I had a snack, then headed out to my limo. As I stepped inside my chauffeur greeted me. "Good evening Ms. Sanders." He said. "Hello Richardson." I replied, sitting down. He turned on my song and I smiled and hummed along. "We're here Ms. Sanders." Richardson said. I looked up to see the fanciest building ever. This is gonna be fun. I thought. 


I'm gonna update soon, but there is like no one on here right now...- Ariana 

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