Is this Really What I Want?

Future-ish. Riley is a famous actress and singer. It used to be so fun. But is it all it's cracked out to be? She travels alone, and she feels lonely. Will she find someone?

Sorry it sounds stupid, but I'm working on it... And I kinda agree with some people against RP accounts. So I'm gonna write stories.


10. Chapter 10 'Max' "The Red Carpet Party Part 4"

"ONE DIRECTION!!! Straight from England and 2013!!!" Riley, the whole room, and I began jumping up, screaming and crying. We began to dance to 'LWWY'. Niall looked over at Riley and I. He raised his eyebrows as if he was saying 'crazy future people.' I winked at him and he shook his head, laughing. After One Direction was gone, Five Seconds Of Summer came out. And we started screaming and all that stuff again. After that people did karaoke again. Paisley grabbed us and we rocked out on stage. Her manager came up to us smiling. "Girls you were simply Fabu! Oh! I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself!" She put out her hand and we shook it. "I am Mrs. Shark! Paisleys manager. But you may call me Georgia!" We talked and decided we would head to the studio tomorrow. We danced some more and I went home. 


It's gonna get better!!! And longer!!! So keep reading!!- Ariana♥

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