One Chance

After performing for secret celebrity judges and creating a talent show with celebrities and students, Lucy, Casey, Alex, and Savannah get into a little trouble. They are all 18, seniors, and want to have some fun. They sneak into the Tanlet Show and meet the most unexpected people ever.


2. Surprise!!!

"Judges please come up on stage." our principle asked

As the judges got more into the light they seemed more familiar

"Ladies, please introduce yourselves." Our principle asked handing one judge the mic

The judge then removed her hood from her jacket "Hello, my name is Perrie Edwards. I just want to say these girls did an amazing job!" Perrie exclaimed handing the next judge mic

"Hi, I'm Jade." Jade handed the next judge the mic

"Hello, I'm Jesy Nelson!" Jesy handed the mic to the obvious other judge

"Hi, I'm............ Samantha!" The school's art teacher exclaimed

"Actually, this is the real fourth judge....." Samantha said stepping to the side

"Hi, I'm Leigh-Ann" Leigh-Ann handed the mic back to our principle

"What do you girls think?" Our principle asked handing me the mic

"What do we think! What do we think! It's Little Mix! They helped us all this time and we didn't even know it was them. As a mixer I am very disappointed in myself!" I exclaimed

I passed the mic back to our principle "We also have another surprise. Since you girls won the show you are going to create an original talent show. Celebrities and student will be featured. You get to fly to LA to meet with all of these people. You will bring all the celebrities that agree back here and create the first ever student/celebrity talent show.

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