Just Another Punk

Punk Louis :P A dream come true. Haha Yep. I think it would make a good story so there you go. Haha a bad boy. :P


6. Uh bye bye

Louis POV
I got her. She won't mind much anymore. I looked at her phone. She was playing some kid game.

"So who won the game?" Liam asked.

"Brazil." Jackie said out of nowhere. Does she watch football/soccer?

"You like football?" Niall asked and took a drink of beer.

"Yeah so does my bother," she answered. Why does she always talk about her brother.

"You keep talking about your brother." I said looking at her.

"So what I have my mouth to talk and he's my brother." she responded.

"Alright." I said and poured down some more beer and tossed the empty can. The guys and I kept talking as she kept playing.

"Your such a little kid." I said as I shook her head.

"So? Can I go home now?" she asked.

"So no." I was quick to reply.

"Alright" "twat" she said under her breath.

"Why do you hate me?" I asked as the others stared.

"Because you're just another punk that I'm going to end up falling for."

Jackie POV
"Because you're just another punk that I'm going to end up falling for." I admitted.

"Then why don't let yourself fall," Zayn butted in with Lou's permission. I got up off Lou's lap and started walking away. I shoved my phone in my pocket. I put my hair in a ponytail and walked out the house. I heard footsteps from behind and threw rocks at him. Of coarse it would be Louis and his friends. I jumped over the wall and landed on my hands and feet. Thank Grod I didn't face plant. Haha. Imagine what a laugh that would be.

I walked back to where some of the stores are. I checked the time and realized it was 6pm already. I sighed and walked home kicking rocks. I felt warm arms pull me back. I really am just tired and I'm not going to be doing too much. (YAWN)

"Louis let me go." I said as he spun me around.

"Why?" He asked.

"Fuck off Louis I just want to go home." I blurted.

"But if I let you leave you won't come back," he commented. He had me in his arms and I pushed him away. I managed to pull away. He swooped my phone out my back pocket.

"Give it back," I said as I jumped for it.

"Ha. Shorty." He teased me as he held it up high.

"Give it back Lou!" I yelled as his friends watch. I stopped jumping to get it. I punched Louis in the gut and grabbed my phone before it hit the floor. I immediately ran away. His friends were chasing me. Oh great now I'm trying to get away from four delinquents. Louis fell behind but I know he's going to come for me. I looked behind quickly and saw Liam, Niall, Zayn, and then Louis. Damn it! I kept running almost bumping into people. I saw someone in front of me. Oh my grod! Yes it's Harry. I hugged him and closed my eyes.

"Is everything alright sis?" he asked with a small laugh. 


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