Three girls meet Black Veil Brides and get to spend a month with them. The girls are verry excited and the Guys are aswell. What happens next?(The Following is a transcription of a voicee recording Made By Kayla Sarah and Li. The back ground vocies and sounds will be in [ ])


2. Face Slam

That was the happiest moment in our lives. I won. I got to meet Andy and Jinxx and Jake and CC and Ash! I was so happy. I coulndt even belive that it was going to happen. The concert was only two days away and we decided to have a sleepove twice in a row so wewere all here. We brought all our BVB stuff to my house so we were ready. On theday of the concert we got ready and were just sitting around waiting. 

"Kayla! Sarah! Li!" my mom called up.

"Coming!" the three of us called simultaniosly.

we go in the car and drove to the concert and got to our front row seats. We watched as he place filled wih tons of people. Then Half an hour later the concert started. They started out with In the end then sang Fallen Angels and Legacy. then Wreched and Devine then Knivesand Pens. Then the final song they sang was my personal favorite. Saviour. The way Andy looked around the crowed as if searching for a girl, was histerical. then he looked at me. [A:Yea i looked at you K:Why A:cause i could.] But he just stared and when he noticed i saw him e fliped out and ran to th other side of the tsage and fell on his face. [A:it hurt K:ok well i need you to leave now ill be in later!] sorry um... ya, so al the fans gasped and i started laughing. Of cource my laugh was so loud the whole arena looked at me funny. Even Jake, Ash, Jinxx, and CC but not Andy.  he knew it was me laughing. At the end of the concert The guys Called up there 'Lucky Winners'. I felt bad for making Andy fall so i ran up to him and whispered. "Sorry."

he just laughed."its all good." and hugged me.

again the whole place  gasped and some people yelled "but she laughed at you!"

i just shruged them off and  followed Andy off the stage. 

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