Am I in Love?

CUTEST boy in the whole universe enters into mine and my friend melody's life
but i'm not sure whether its love or what?????
I ddon't know what to do but he's entered my life and i cant get him out of it.......


1. First day Changes my life


I've never felt this way it's just after seeing him.... the cutest boy in the whole universe Aron  has changed mine and Melody's  entire life just in one look but he doesn't know it i wish he could . Well I think his name is Aron anyways but until i find out I'll just call him Aron. Worst of all I cant see Aron for 3 months. I've always said i hate school and wish that the summer holidays was longer but now i love school and i wish that there was no summer holidays!! I'm a completely different person after i met him.


The first and last time i saw Aron (until 3 months later)  was on the yr 6 induction day. Yes he's in yr 6 i know it's a bit weird but i dont care because he is the most CUTEST AND ADORABLE PERSON EVER!!!


I've been saying that he's the cutest boy ever for the last 3 days and all my friends are saying im in love but i'm not sure......Am i actually in love is this my 1st crush ever......Aaaagghhh So many questions which is running in my mind have no answer to it.

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