learn to love again

"Love? I don't believe in it" "yes you do your just to scared to realise it " "I'm not scared" "yea you are your scared of getting hurt scared of what love might do to you because of what it did to you before but I'm not mike" " everyone says that I can trust them end what makes you any different " "I'm not saying you can trust me I'm saying I can show you how to love again"


2. the next morning

I woke up this morning to a skull splitting head ache I was about to shut my alarm up when I realised I don't have an alarm so I pressed the snooze button and looked around thinking 'where the hell am I?!?' Then I remembered last night Josh the drinking dancing and coming back to his place I picked up my dress from last night and chucked it on and tip toed out of the room and into the kitchen were he was cooking bacon I stole a piece and wrote my number on it and said "call me" and just as I was about to leave a very handsome guy burst through the room shouting "Josh were are you man we need to prac-" he stopped half way when he saw me "well hello there" "Hayy now I you excess me but I need to go so nice meeting you bye and call me Josh" I said as I shut the door and walked home HARRY'S P.O.V. I had just broken up with my girlfriend after having an affair with some guy named mike so i just decided i wasn't gonna fall in love I got a text from simon saying 'Band practice bring Josh' So I guess I'm off to Josh's place "Josh were are you man we need to prac-"I stopped everything I was doing and just stared she was beautiful she was perfect she was an angel I had to make her mine so I turned on my charm completely forgetting Josh was there "well hello there" "Hayy now I you excess me but I need to go so nice meeting you bye and call me Josh" she said as she left I turned back around to say "wow she is absolutely gorgeous" "yea I guess want her number" "hell yea I do" ADRIANA'S P.O.V. I got a text from in known number thinking it was Josh but I was secretly hoping it was harry 'Hey its harry hope you don't mind stole your number of Josh Xx' 'Hayy harry no its totally fine I was kinda hoping it was you ;)' 'Well I was wondering if you wanna go to the movies' Yea sure I have a rule against love a date can't hurt anyone right ? ' yea sure I would love to what time and where ' ' how about later tonight and you text me the address and I can pick you up' ' yea sure I live and 69 kissmyass avenue London' ( BTW not a real street obviously (;) 'Ok I'll see you then' HARRY'S P.O.V. Yea I know ,I know I said I wasn't gonna fall in live but a few dates can't hurt anyone right ??
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