learn to love again

"Love? I don't believe in it" "yes you do your just to scared to realise it " "I'm not scared" "yea you are your scared of getting hurt scared of what love might do to you because of what it did to you before but I'm not mike" " everyone says that I can trust them end what makes you any different " "I'm not saying you can trust me I'm saying I can show you how to love again"


6. stalking

ADRIANA'S P.O.V "MIKE?!? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING HERE ARE YOU STALKING ME GOSH YOUR SUCH A FUCKING CREEP DON'T YOU GET IT WE'RE DONE " I could not believe the nerve he had showing up at Harry's house and stalking me ?!?! OH HELL NAW "whoah babe you got it all wrong your the one stalking me and by the way you look sexy in you bra but you always looked better when they were on my floor" OMG the nerve this guy has "me stalking you no way your the one at Harry's house and I swear to god if you don't shut up I will punch you" " well come on hit me you sexy thang I always love a good fight" "WOAH WOAH WOAH hold up Adriana you know mike and what the hell you would actually hit a girl mike ?" " well yea he has been hitting me for around two or three years" "mike that's not cool man" " whatever Luke I need guidance from you" he said as he left "holy shit that was interesting so are you gonna tell me about what happened between you and mike ?" "Well it all started five years ago when I was fourteen I was in high school and I was in years seven and I was starting high school and one of the year nines were wolf whistling at me but only one caught my eye I looked at him smiled and winked as I walked to my locker I put my books away and grabbed my English book I shut my locker and was about to head to class when the year nine kid I winked at came up to me and said "hey the names mike and yours is?" I laughed "why what's it to us?" "Just curious you know you look exactly like the girl I'm hooking up with tonight maybe you have the same names aswell " "my name is Adriana and I highly doubt that I look exactly like your hand and the fact that you named your hand adriana worried me a bit and I think you should see someone about that" "my my aren't we a fiesty one I but your mouth could be used other ways though call me " he said as he handed me his number and then we started dating for two years and he was a gentle men he wasn't one of those people who left as soon as you slept with them but then he starts to abuse me at first it was just slaps but then he started to kick and punch for hours until I was knocked out cold after four years of dating the prick I had decided I had had enough and I left with out him knowing which apparently was a mistake cause he came after me with I knife and he stabbed me in the stomach after that he cheated on me with my best friend and on our five year anniversary I had had enough and I left for real this time I was done with his shit and his constant lie telling me he lived and how sorry he was every time he beat me up or rapped me I hated myself he called me worthless fat whore slut cunt bit hand after awhile I started to believe him sometime he would bring a friend over and they would both rape me and it would hurt so bad I-" I was now breaking down in tears and harry was comforting me we were both on the floor on the living room I looked up and saw Harry's was crying as well we sat there for and hour just crying on the floor until I feel asleep
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