learn to love again

"Love? I don't believe in it" "yes you do your just to scared to realise it " "I'm not scared" "yea you are your scared of getting hurt scared of what love might do to you because of what it did to you before but I'm not mike" " everyone says that I can trust them end what makes you any different " "I'm not saying you can trust me I'm saying I can show you how to love again"


5. deal

Okay Hayy guys this chapter might be a but short but its just because its 1 o'clock in the morning Here so I'm getting a bit tired but I will put in another chapter tomorrow morning and night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADRIANA'S P.O.V I woke up this morning with a serious head ache and about a billion and one texts from Jake (yes I know its not a reall number) saying thing like 'where the hell are you' ' are you being raped by a unicorn?!?!?' ' are you okay call me' I answered back saying 'I'm perfectly fine and no wtf I'm not being raped by a unicorn where the f*ck did you get that from im at harrys' 'Lol I saw you leave the club with a guy you had a horn on his head but that must of been the drugs.. Anyway who the f*ck is harry?!?!?' Oh my god I completely forgot to tell him about harry oh well I can tell him when I get home I put on my bra and underwear and walk out of the room and smell bacon and eggs "what's cooking good looking ?" I joked harry laughed and said "bacon eggs and pancakes" yuck ! I hate pancakes apart from Jake's his chocolate chip pancakes are the only exception "here you go" harry said giving me a plate of bacon, eggs and three pancakes I ate all the bacon and eggs "aren't you gonna eat your pancakes?" "I don't like pancakes" "first of WOAH WOAH WOAH HOW THE HELL CAN YOU NOT LIKE PANCAKES and secondly then why did you use the mapple syrup ?" "I used the mapple syrup for my bacon its a weird thing I crave " it was silence after that as we ate our breakfast because harry had made a lot of it and it was surprisingly delicious I didn't know that harry could cook "last night was fun" "yea it was we sure do it more often" he winked as he said it god he was such a fun "well we could go for a second round " " then why are we sitting around here when we could be having fun in the bedroom ?!?!?" We started to kiss and he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which I denied hay why not have a little fun which harry didn't seem to like he grabbed my ass which made me gasp in shock and he took the opportunity to shove his Young's inside my mouth we continued to make out slowly making our way to the bedroom he in clipped my bra and ripped my underwear off as I slipped his boxers off and I'm guessing you can tell what happened next (WE MADE COOKIES YOU PERVETS (;)we had sex "heyy I was thinking I don't wanna fall in love but I love the sex and I have a deal we could make" "what's the deal?" "No strings attached no feelings no jealousy and if either of us start to date the other person has to be supportive no strings attached just sex when ever we feel like it " " deal" we started to make out again but were stopped when the was a knock on the door so harry put on his boxers and I put on bra and under wear and we walked out into the living room I sat on the couch as hsrry answered the door and you'll never guess who was at the door
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