learn to love again

"Love? I don't believe in it" "yes you do your just to scared to realise it " "I'm not scared" "yea you are your scared of getting hurt scared of what love might do to you because of what it did to you before but I'm not mike" " everyone says that I can trust them end what makes you any different " "I'm not saying you can trust me I'm saying I can show you how to love again"


1. attachment

"I'M DONE FIRST YOU CHEAT ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND THEN YOU GO AHEAD AND START TO ABUSE ME I'VE HAD ENOUGH WE'RE THROUGH" I screamed at my boyfriend well ex boyfriend any way my name is Adriana but most people call me Adri you see I was with mike (my boyfriend ) for five years and as you can tell it was the worst five years of my life and I'm only 19 I work at Starbucks I live in an apartment in London with my best friend Allison or ally as we call her and I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as love only attachment So after finally breaking up with mike after five years of a 'relationship' and three years of abuse I decided to take my anger out by going to a club a club and just letting loose so I ran upstairs and choose my black short dress with elbow length sleeves and got into my car when I got to the club I looked up and saw I was at the ministry of sound I walked in and went straight to the bar "five shots of vodka please" I shouted at the bartender "rough night?" He replied "you have no fucking idea" "five shore coming up" I swallowed all five shits like it was water or a daily routine "of you can sure take a lot of alcohol for someone like yourself" a random voice said so I turned around with curiosity and dayyuummnnn he was really hot he was a guy around my age wearing skin ng jeans and a muscle tank he had chocolate brown hair gelled up into a quiff except most of it was in a beanie and he had hipster glasses on which was extremely hot on him "liking what you see?" The stranger states obviously trying to make me blush "yup" I say without going red the stranger smiles and says "can I buy you a drink?" "Only if you tell me your name" "josh my names josh" "alright now you may buy me a drink" I say as we both smile a few drinks later and I'm quite drunk but so is josh one ofmy favourite song come on "ohh I love thus song come dance with me" "isn't that what girls in the movies say just so they get the guy to dance with them" "shut up and dance with me" we start of dancing then get closer and closer until I'm grinding on him he leads me to the store room and we end up making out but hey I'm not complaining he takes me out side where he hails a cab and he takes me back to his place and before we're even in his apartment he smashes his lips into mine and runs into his room and throws me in his bed I think you know what happens next ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So what did you think its my first story so seriously be honest with me and tell if I should do more or not love you ~Georgia
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