Shady Creek Lane

"Hey, where is Logan?"

"It's three at night!"

"Why do you always keep helping me?"

"I know I've never been there for you when you needed me."

"Promise me there won't be another fight."

"I love you..."


2. Tap Tap



The grey Aston Martin DB9 slowly drew down driveway in the pouring rain. It had been a long journey for the whole family. First they'd taken a plane from Bellevue to Raleigh, then they drove to Handersonville. It was a 5 hours flight and with the 5 hours of drive it was additionally 10 hours and every member of the family was really exhausted.


"So, Alexis, Cassidy and Christian, how did you three like our new house?" their mom said in a cheerful voice. She was smiling but she was at least twice as tired as the addition of the other four.





The children corrected.

"Well, those are not the names I gave you. Neither the ones I will use."


Their dad stopped the car and announced "Welcome to the Shady Creek Lane."




"Yeah" Alex said and rolled her eyes. She grabbed her patchy patterned back pack and put her grey hoodie and purple coat on. Her blonde straight hair was carefully put inside the hoodie. She didn't want her hair to became curly under the rain which was how it looks like naturally. She got out of the Aston Martin and ran to the stone house - well now called the Lee Family Mansion. Finally when her mom came and opened the big glass door she threw herself in. 


The stone house was really big and there were windows as many as possible but most of them seemed like they couldn't be opened. Shadows were dancing in the huge garden. Alex remembered her mom had told her that there were horses ready for them to ride in some corner of the garden. 


The entrance of the house was not a small space with a few wardrobes as in usual houses. The ceiling was about three or five floors high. The wall that included the door was glass until it made a circular end when it reached the ceiling. There was a fireplace in the opposite wall while the others were covered with many outstanding art pieces on the upper parts while there were cupboards on the bottom part which was definitely taller than Alex. They ended after a while leaving space for a doorway on right and one on left. She looked around surprised but she tried her best to hide her any kind of interest to this place. She folded her arms and turned to her mom.


"Where's my room?" she asked extremely casually.

Her mom rolled her eyes and pointed to the doorway on left. "Go there. It's the living room, I mean, one of them. There are stairs across the room. When you climb up, you will be in the mezzanine. A big one, it's a normal floor high. There's five rooms there. One of them is in front of you, three are there when you turn right and the last one is when you turn right again. Yours is the closest one to the stairs." She smiled. "It has the best view. You can see the front porch and the woods and far away there if you look carefully you may even see the horses."


(Alex's POV)


"Okay" I said and went to the left side of the room and passed the doorway. I found myself in a huge room decorated with victorian furniture. It was like the houses in thrillers besides the idea of having that ugly furnitures in my house is scary enough. Hoping I won't have the same frustration with my room, I quickly passed through the room and went upstairs. I found my room and shut the door behind me.


I turned on the lights. The room wasn't bad at all. The walls in front of me and on my left were covered with windows except the desk next to the front wall and the closet on the left. I turned and searched for my bed. It was in the opposite of my desk and there was a dresser between it and the door. On the right wall, there was enough space for my posters.


Without even thinking of unpacking my bags I just found my comfortable black shorts and a plain white t-shirt I jumped in the bed and turned the lights off with the switch next to my bed.


I didn't sleep. I thought of my life back in Washington and I thought of my life now. They had nothing to do with each other. Back there I had friends and a routin and we lived in a small flat so we had neighbors. Here I knew nobody, everything was new, we had our own mansion with a small size wood in it and the closest neighbor was about 200 metres far.


Just when I was too tired to even think and was falling asleep I thought I heared a noise. I listened carefully for about a minute. There was nothing. Then I heared it again. Tap, tap, tap.

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