Shady Creek Lane

"Hey, where is Logan?"

"It's three at night!"

"Why do you always keep helping me?"

"I know I've never been there for you when you needed me."

"Promise me there won't be another fight."

"I love you..."


7. More Drinks For Me




I was holding the yellow post-it on my hand. I read it for the hundredth time. Jay:) And next to it was the number.



(Alex's POV)


I opened my eyes smiling that morning. I don't know why. Just without a reason I felt extremely happy. I thought about last night. I found out that I actually had too many reasons to be happy. But this was different, not like a boy issue.


I got out on my bed and without changing my clothes I went downstairs. I could smell pancakes. My favorite. I actually didn't pretty much like anything that was under the name of breakfast but pancakes weren't that bad.


I went to the kitchen without getting lost - thanks for the boys last night - and sat on the table between Chris and Cassy.


"Wow, Alexis, isn't it too early to wake up?" mom said with clear sarcasm.


I smiled. "Yeah, I know." I went along.


"Hey give that back to me!" Chris shouted from my right.


"When you're ready come and get it na na na naaaa" Cassy sang laughing and holding Chris' iPod. I remembered that I did the same for her when she was small. Of course back then she had a MP4 player instead of an iPod touch.


Chris looked so dumb for a few seconds. Probably because Cassy sand a Selena Gomez song. Chris was literally in love with her. And he knew that she was twelve years older than him but he didn't seem to care. Boys.



(Drew's POV)


I opened my eyes and foung myself staring into a blind whiteness. My vision got clear a few seconds later. I was in my bed. I slowly got up and saw somebody sleeping next to me. It was a girl. More important, it was Jade. What had happened last night? Did we..? Oh, no! That couldn't be happening again. I wasn't planning to forgive her this time. I looked over at her. She looked beautiful. But I couldn't have done this.


Her eyelids moved a little then she opened them completely and turned around to face me. She was smiling. I couldn't have done this but it seemed like I did since she was smiling. She put her elbow on the bed and her haid on her hand.


"You're already awake?" she cooed. I didn't answer.


She pulled herself closer to me in the bed saying "I love you baby." I backed up.


"Hey, what's wrong? You said you'd forgiven that little misunderstoodment." She looked worried now.


I backed up some more and my legs fell on the ground. I hold the edge of the bed right before I fell down completely. I got up and out of the room without saying anything. What the fuck have I done? I remembered what Angel had told me last night. You are drunk. Even just imagining her beautiful voice thrilled my whole body. I knew she was right. I really was drunk. Drunk enough to do this.


I ran to the bathroom and turned on the sink. I splashed some cold water on my face and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Why did it feel so wrong to me to be with Jade? Because she cheated on me? The word made me want to cry. Was it only that. Or did I feel guilty because I betrayed Angel? You must still be so drunk. I thought. You had  nothing to do with Angel. You're not her boyfriend. You didn't betray anybody. You mustn't feel bad. After all she wouldn't ever want you as a boyfriend. All the muscles in my body tensed with the last thought. Tears formed in my eyes. She wouldn't ever want me. 


"Is everything alright?" Jade asked. She was leaning on the door frame of the bathroom. I looked at her reflection on the mirror then I turned and looked at herself.


She probably saw the tears in my eyes. She got her head up but her body was still leaning on the door frame. "Hey, what's wrong?"


I let the tears fall and shouted trying not to sound so weak. "You. You're wrong. I'm wrong. Last night's wrong. Forginivg you's wrong. We're wrong. There's nothing such as us. You and I. That's what it is. It's always been that. Never us." I might have sounded more confident that I was meant to. It might have got out a little harsh too. She backed up a little, scared.


I didn't step back. "Don't you understand. I finally found a girl that maked me happy and I don't want to loose her because of you. I would give it if it took everything I had to love you but you just ruined everything, not only my trust." I spat at her.


She backed up even more and eventually started crying. "I-I wish you two the b-best." She stuttered and ran away crying. Well, I felt sorry for her inside but never enough to forgive her. She cheated on me. It was her choice. If she didn't do such a thing none of these would have happened.


Then I felt a terrible feeling inside me. I hoped that Angel wouldn't learn that I told Jade she was my girl. She would hate me forever. I couldn't take that. Did I really love her? I didn't know but I should better not. Because she would never ever love a boy like me and that would only mean more drinks for me.

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