Shady Creek Lane

"Hey, where is Logan?"

"It's three at night!"

"Why do you always keep helping me?"

"I know I've never been there for you when you needed me."

"Promise me there won't be another fight."

"I love you..."


6. Jay:)



I got out of my bed and went downstairs heading for the kitchen to get myself a cup of hot chocolate. When I got there I heared a noise. There was a light coming from the fridge's open door. I smiled. Daddy, I thought, You won't change. I went next to him to hug and I kissed his cheek.  "Have you shaved?" I asked him because his beard usually hurt my lips. When I pulled away I screamed. This was not daddy.



(Drew's POV)


I got in my car and started driving. I thought about Angel. She was so kind and thoughtful. I don't think I need to say she's so beautiful. She helped me when nobody else did and she was there when Jade betrayed me. What the hell? I thought. Of course she helped you, because you woke her up in the middle of the night, because you gave her no choice, because she thinks you're so miserable and in need of help. I can't believe sometimes how my own thoughts can break my heart. No Drew. You need no help. You need nobody. You can't let anybody feel sorry for you. You are stronger than that. She helped you? Well thanks, but it won't happen again.

While thinking of all that I realised that I'd come home. I stopped the car and hopped out. Some of the rooms' lights were on. Jade must be taking her stuff. I thought. How much I wanted to go hug her so tight to never let go. One side wanted so. But the other was totally broken and couldn't just forgive her. And she didn't want to be forgiven either. That was what felt the worst. I wanted her like crazy and was fighting myself to forgive while she was happy the way she had done everything. The thing she had done to me. I was dying. I felt the pain all over me. I needed her.

I went next to the door and realised that I forgot the keys in the car. Normally I would just knock and Jade would open the door, but I didn't want to see her. The side that couldn't forgive didn't want it. That side voted for Angel. That side wanted Angel to be my Angel. And the other side wanted Jade even though it knew nothing was going to be the same.

I went to the car and grabbed my keys. I'd even forgotten which one was correct. I tried all of them and finally the one before the last opened the door. I went upstairs. There were noises coming from Jade's room. I - unfortunately - had to pass in front of her room to reach mine. And yes we had seperate rooms. Because I didn't use her. Because I loved her.

I past her room without even looking inside. I went to my room and sky-dived to my bed. I dug my head in my pillow and cried. Loudly. She didn't care. Nobody did. Nobody loved me. I hurt everybody.



(Alex's POV)


I looked at the stranger under the pale light of the fridge. He had lond blonde hair that reached his shoulders and covering his eyes. "Oh not again!" I exclaimed. He looked at me surprised. He was probably waiting another expression, angry or scared maybe? I was too tired for any of them. "It was actually a nice greeting until the scream." he said and brought his right hand to his ear rubbing it. I sighed. "Look, this is the second time tonight that I find a stranger breaking in my house and it's my first night here. So, not a good start, right?"

He smiled. "Yeah, I guess not." His dimples when he smiled were so damn beautiful. It made me smile too.
"I'm lucky." I said. 
He chuckled. "And why is that?"
"Because at least I meet nice strangers." There was a silence for a while. "What are you doing in my house? Looking For Logan?" I joked.
"Well, actually yes." I stared at him for a while. He looked serious.
"You really are..." It was more of a statement than a question.
There was an awkward silence for a while. "I'm his house mate. That's why I have the keys."
"He moved out." I explained him.
He smiled again. "Yeah I can tell that by the smell." I laughed. "So, I guess I need to go now." He took out a pencil and scribbled something on the post-its on the fridge. He added: "Call me, beautiful." He looked in my eyes for what seemed like ages and then turned around and got out of the open kitchen door.

Two strangers in one night. I thought. I was lying on my bed now. Wow, Alex, when did you happen to get so... I didn't know what to comlete with. But I met two people that broke into my house and eventually became friends. Even more. One of them kissed me and the other called me beautiful. I turned around and looked at the digital watch on the other bedside table. 4:28.

I was holding the yellow post-it on my hand. I read it for the hundredth time. Jay:) And next to it was the number.

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