My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


8. What really happened?

We drive home and when we get there Louis grabs my hand and leads my upstairs to my room, sitting my down



"Can you tell me the truth? about everything?"

"Uh...Y-yes..." I take a deep breath "About 5 years ago I came home late and saw Niall hiding under my bed crying..."


I walk up into my room, trying not to wake my parents and I heard a whimper come from under my bed

"Niall? What's wrong?" He crawls out, at the time I was 12 an he was 10. I see a bruise on his cheek "What happened?" I sit him down on the bed

"D-Dad asked me where you were.... I told him I didn't know and when he said that you were dead when you got home I begged him not to do anything to you.... he told me that if I didn't want anything to happen to you that he had to take it out on something so he punched me...." he starts crying

"Where was mom?"

"She had to go back to the hospital.... she got too weak.." I pull him close

"Go and hide in my closet... okay? don't make a sound, don't come out... not until I come and get you. Got it?"

"But what about you?"

"Don't come out no matter what"

He nods and hides in my closet

I go and knock on my dad's bedroom door "Oh, look who decided to come home"

"You punched him!?"

"You weren't home to take your punishment"

"So you took it out on him? what did he ever do? I thought we said that as long as you took it out on me you would leave him alone"

"Well you weren't here to do that"

"Well I am here now"

"Yes you are" He yanks me into his room and closes the door "Make a sound, you get it worse, understand?"

I nod and he rips my shirt off. I gasp, he's never done that before.... "You're mum's not here to take her punishment, so I guess you have to take both...." He starts to grope my breasts

"D-dad... what are you doing?" He slaps me

"I said not a sound" He pushes me onto the bed and rips my shorts in two, taking them off of me

He rips a hole in my panties with his teeth as he puts 2 fingers into me. I gasp and start to cry with pain.... why is he doing this to a 12 year old? He takes them out and pulls his pants and boxers off.

I close my eyes "Open your eyes and look at it" He says grabbing my throat

I open my eyes and he forces me to look at it, the next thing I know he is slamming into me

I scream in pain as tears stream down my face

He gets off of me and throws me into the hallway "Go to your room, slut"

I clamber into my room and collapse onto the ground "N-Niall" I cry out

My little brother comes out crying and gasps as he sees me laying on the ground, crying, naked, bruised and weak

"Oh my god" he rushes over to me and kneels down next to me with clothes "Hannah, why did you let him do that to you?" He says once he gets me dressed and pulls me to the bed

"To stop him from hurting you... don't argue, just whenever you hear him screaming at me come and hide in my closet.. okay?"

He nods and lays down next to me "I will be there for you, no matter what Hannah" he hugs me close and kisses my cheek before softly humming in my ear letting me drift off into a nightmare filled sleep

~Flashback end~


"He did that to me every day for 2 years, and Niall kept his word, he was always there in my room, ready to help me clean up and get dressed... and he sang me to sleep every night... even though he is younger by 2 years, I feel as if he is my older, over protective brother.." I say in tears

I take a deep breath "After my mom and Teddy died, I snapped.... I left, not thinking about Niall or where I was going to go, I just ran... I couldn't take the pain anymore.... I lived on that park bench, getting food from Mr. Doughty whenever he wasn't out with his wife... stealing food and anything I needed from the corner store.... and I still only ate a few times every couple of weeks...."


Niall's Pov


I was walking past when I heard Hannah telling Louis about the last 5 years 'I don't know what he did to Niall after I left and honestly, I want to know.... I want to know how horrible I am for leaving my baby brother there to fight for himself... I want to know how much pain I caused him..." I hear her cry into his chest

I knock on the door "Can I come in?" I say softly as I walk in

"Yes..." She says looking at me

I sit down on the bed next to her "Hannah, you aren't a horrible person... you are an amazing sister, with a heart strong enough to let that man do that to you so he wouldn't hurt me..." I pull her from Louis' embrace and into mine "Do you really want to know what he did when you left?"

She nods and looks at me



"Niall, where's your sister?" my dad says walking into my room

"I don't know dad, she was in her room.." I say putting my guitar down

"Well she isn't now where is she?"

"I said I don't know... she didn't tell me she was going anywhere"

He walks over to me and picks me up by my throat and slammed me against the wall "Well I guess you'll have to take her punishment"

"Please don't" I beg

"Too late" he punches me in the gut making me cough up blood

"Now... you probably know that this wasn't her only punishment"

"N-no, please" I say trying to catch my breath

"Shut up" he started to unbutton his pants

"Dad... don't.."  I beg again closing my eyes

He punches my jaw and pushes me to the ground, taking his pants and boxers off

~Flashback end~

"He did that every day until yesterday I had had enough so I fought back.... I punched him and kicked him until the police showed up, then that's when I ran to you"

"N-Niall.... this is all my fault.... if I hadn't left then our deal wouldn't have broken.... he would have never done that to you.." She sobbed

"Hey, hey" I pull her into my chest "Don't you ever think that, okay? It was his fault... he is the one that hurt us... Did it hurt me when you left? Yes but I sure as hell never ever blamed you for what he did, if anything I was glad that he wasn't hurting you anymore" I say as I rock her back and forth

"N-Nia-Niall?" she says between sobs

"C-c-c-c-can y-y-you s-s-s-s-sing m-me t-o-o sle-e-eep, l-like you use-used t-to?"

"Of course I will"

Louis gives her a kiss on the cheek and walks out

"Do you want me to help you into your pajamas?"

"Y-yes please.."

I walk over to her drawers and get her some short shorts and a tank top. I walk over and slowly slide her dress of. I slip her shorts up and pull her shirt over her head

I lie back with her in my arms and softly sing a song I wrote for her a week before she left


You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you

You'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to

If I let you know, I'm here, for you.. Maybe you'll love yourself, like I, love you


And with that she was out with me slowly drifting off myself


Louis' Pov


What that man did to her was horrible.... And to Niall, I am glad he is in jail.... he better rot in hell

Well, time for me to go to sleep good night world

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