My gaurdian angel

I run into a empty class room and pull out my scissors, bringing them to my wrists
I watch as the crimson red blood pours out of my arm, cut after cut until there are 5 cuts, I grab the bandages out of my bag and cover my cuts then pull down my sleeves.......


27. Best Birthday ever Pt. 2 (Not)

Am I sure I just heard Maddie correctly?

"You best be joking, because if you are not, you have exactly 3 seconds to run" I say closing my eyes

"I-I'm not joking" she says backing away

"You little... Come here!!" I lunge at her but she screams and runs "Get your cheating, lying bitch ass back here!!" I say chasing here


You're probably wondering what happened




"Hannah can I talk to you?' Maddie says walking up to me

"Sure"  I smile and walk out of the room with her

"Okay, well here's the thing..... I have been cheating on Niall for 2 years and this baby is actually my brother's friend"


And that's where it all started


"Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn!! Somebody Help Me!!!" She screams

"Shut up and get your ass back here so I can kill you!!" I say jumping over the chair she threw at my feet

I chase her into the music room where all of the boys are "Niall, help" she says hiding behind him

I charge after her but Louis grabs my waist holding me back "Woah Woah Woah, what is going on?' He says as I struggle in his grasp

"Let go so I bash her lying little face in" I say trying to pull his hands off of me

"What happe- OW!!" he drops me "She fucking bit me"

"Get your ass over here!!" I say looking Maddie dead in the eye

"I told you about it because I thought you would help me" she pleads

"You chose the wrong person to come to for help" I say, my eyes filled with anger and fury

"Look I am sorry, I really am"

"I told you... I told you when you said he asked you out not to hurt him.. what did you do? You mother fucking hurt him!!! Now get your little cheating, lying ass over he-"

"Cheating?" Niall says looking extremely confused as he steps out from in front of her to look at both of us

"It's not like I had sex after I tried to kill myself and my boyfriend left me, my boy actually wants this baby" she scoffs

"That's it" I lunge at her but and held back "The fucking baby isn't even his!! And I have raised my child for 3 years all by myself, at least I haven't been cheating on my guy for 2 years and lie to him saying the baby is his!!"

"Wait what?" Niall says looking at Maddie

The rest of the boys watch all this happen

"And atleast I am not some slut who fucks every other guy... I am in a happy relationship with him.. sure I lied to him but that doesn't mean I don't love him.. don't think I don't know what you did..."

"What in gods name are you talking about"

"Earlier, at the club... Perrie took you out and you got shitfaced.. at 4 in the afternoon I might add.... I saw what you did"

"What did I do?" I say cautiously

"You had sex with someone else"

Louis gasps and drops me "Okay, 1 I am pregnant and I know better than to drink while pregnant, 2 that was you, and 3 keep and mind you are pregnant so if that baby is born with health issues that is your fault not the baby's"

"Can some body please tell me why Hannah is saying that my fiancé is cheating on me!!" Niall yells

"B-because it's true.. Maddie has been lying to you for 2 years" Liam speaks up

"You knew and you didn't tell me?!" He shouts looking at Liam

"Need I remind you that this is my sister so I couldn't hurt her" He says defending himself

"yeah, what?" I look at him "Sister?"

He just nods "Ring" Niall says holding his hand out to Maddie

"Wh-what? No Niall please" she cries

"Give me the god damn ring" he says getting angry

She just cries and looks down at it. He grabs her hand and yanks it off of her finger "Now go home.... and I don't mean the stupid flat I bought you, I mean go back to Doncaster..."

She just cries and walks out

"Okay, now did I hear some one say she was pregnant again?" Zayn says trying to lighten up the mood

I just give a teary laugh and nod my head "Yeah, some one did"

I turn and look at Louis "You know I would never cheat on you right?"

He nods and hugs me "She just scared me by saying that..."

I hug him back before turning to Niall who is just staring at the ring in his hand "Niall.... I am sorry" I put my hand on his shoulder

He just shrugs it off and walks into his room

"Mommy!!! I made you a card for your birfday" Lily runs in handing me a card

I smile and kneel down to her level "Thank you sweetie but I think Uncle Ni needs a huge hug" she nods and runs up to his room


Niall's Pov


I sit on my bed crying when I hear a soft knock on the door "Go away"

"Uncle Ni?" Lily walks in

"Hey kiddo" I smile wiping my tears

"Uncle Ni, what wrong?" she says sitting on my lap

"My fiancé kissed some one else"

She gasps "Oh I am sowwy... But if you want you can kiss me and you will be even"

I laugh "That's not a bad idea" I kiss her cheek

"No siwwly, like this" she lightly kisses me

I smile "Thank you shorty"

"I am not short" she crosses her arms pouting

"Oh I'm sorry, Thank you big girl"

She smiles and kisses my cheek "Can you go get me daddy please?" She nods and runs out "God I love that girl"


Louis' Pov


Lily runs in and grabs my hand, trying to pull me some where "Princess where are you taking me?"

"Come on Daddy!!" She says dragging me to Niall's room

"Uncle Ni needs to see me?"

She nods and walks in jumping on Niall's lap

I walk in and close the door

"Louis... I want to give you something..." he stands up, setting Lily on my lap

He walks over to his safe and opens it, pulling out a small box handing it to me "It was going to be her wedding ring... but I have no use for it now..."

I open it to see a gorgeous diamond ring with a ruby gold band

"Why are you giving this to me?"

"It was my mum's... she said she wanted one of us to have it... I wanted to give it to my fiancé as and engagement ring one day but I just felt that Maddie wasn't special enough I guess... now I want you to give it to Hannah"

"As...?" I look at him confused, we have only been dating for 3 weeks, I can't propose

He sighs and covers Lily's ears "Dumb fuck.... You are going to propose to her, I know you have only been dating for 3 weeks but you are madly in love with her... you always talked about her until El came along 4 months ago, even then you kept asking when she was going to visit" He looks at the ring then at me "You truly love her and I know she loves you, do it"

he uncovers Lily's ears "B-but..."

"Just grow a pair... we are all going out to dinner for her birthday... come on" he takes Lily and we walk out

"To Nandos?" Hannah says hopefully

"I can definitely say you are Niall's sister" I laugh as all of us pile into the cars



When we get there and everyone orders I look at Hannah

I pull the ring out of my pocket and look at it under the table, I look at Hannah across from me then back at the ring

Niall nudges me "Do it" he mouths

"Now?" I mouth back and he nods

"I think it's time for Hannah to get her present" I say looking at her

She smiles

I put the ring on my lap and pull out the fixed necklace that she threw at me and broke


I stand up and take a deep breath, putting the ring back in my pocket

I walk around the table "Close your eyes" I say into her ear

She does and I clip it around her neck

She reaches her hand up and feels it "Open" I whisper

She looks down and gasps "Y-You fixed it...." she turns and looks at me

I smile and nod. She throws her arms around my neck, hugging me tight. I laugh and hug back "I love you" I say resting my head on top of hers

"I love you too" she pulls back and kisses me

I pull back and look at Niall. He nods and mouths 'Now'

I take a deep breath as she sits down "wait.... Hannah, there is one more thing..."

She looks at me confused "Okay... uh...." I look around at everyone else, staring at us

"Actually, I need to give this one to you in private.... Come on" I grab her hand and pull her outside

"Louis, where are we going?' She says as I pull her to the park across from Nandos

"Just wait" I pull her to the rose garden. Which just so happens to be filled with people... Fuck

"Louis?" She said cautiously

"Okay... I uh, I can do this..." I look her in the eye "Hannah,  I know we have only been dating for 3 weeks but I are madly in love with you... I always talked about you until El came along 4 months ago, even then I kept asking when you were going to visit. We have a kid together and another on the way" By this time some people noticed who I was and started watching "I can't imagine my life with out you, I love you too god damn much.... When you told me you were pregnant and I walked out, I was a fucking idiot... I walked out on the best thing that has ever happened to me.... I guess it was because we had only been together for like around 6 months and I was young and scared.... Okay I am rambling..." she laughs "I guess what I am trying to do is...... Okay, I can do this..." I pull the ring out of my pocket and kneel down on one knee, every one around us gasps and she covers her mouth with her hand "Hannah Anne Horan.... With you make me the Happiest man in the universe and be my Mrs.Tomlinson?"


Hannah's Pov


Wait what?

I look at his face to see if he is joking. Nope, I look at the ring and gasp "I-I... I don't know what to say..."

"Just say yes and I promise you won't regret it"

I take a deep breath "Yes..."

"I'm sorry?" He says with a huge grin on his face

I laugh and nod "Yes!" I say louder

He laughs and puts the ring on my finger before standing up and holding me in the air as he spins me

I laugh as he stops and I slide down the front of his body and we share a passionate kiss

I hear cheers and then I remember we were surrounded by people

"Let's go tell everyone" he says as we walk back hand in hand

We walk back in and see all the boys talking and laughing

We walk over "Ahem, I know you are not having fun on my birthday without me"

They all look at us "Mommy!! Where did you get that?" Lily points to the ring

"Daddy gave me it for my birthday" I say holding out the ring

"Is that...?" Liam says cautiously

I look at Louis smiling and he nods "We're engaged!!" We both say at the same time

everyone stands up and hugs us

I walk over to Niall "I thought mom told you to use the ring for the love of your life?"

"You are way more important... and besides.... I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon" I smile and hug him

"I love you so much" I cry into his shoulder

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