Everything Has Changed

Minna and her bestfriend Janna are Directioners.They both love boy named Harry.One day they went to One Direction's concert.Minna and Janna have never imagined that the boys will notice them.From that moment everything has changed.


3. Janna's help

Driving was very funny.Everyone were laughing except Zayn.I don't know what is his problem.He is so complicated.But anyways.

Soon we arrived.Liam and Louis took one big tent,while Niall and Zayn were packing food.Harry was alone.And sad.I don't know why.I sat beside him.He didn't say anything.

"Hey."-i said.He didn't say anything.Again.

"What's wrong?"-i asked.

"Nothing."-he said coldly.

"huh...okay."-I stood up.Harry took my hand.

"Wait.Don't go."-He said and again he looked like lost puppy.

"Ok,but say what's wrong."

"Urm..You know,Zayn.Zayn doesn't like you and that hurts me."

"Ohh baby..He will like me."-I said and hugged him.
"You just called me baby.and you hugged me."-he said with big smile on his face.


"Lovebirds!Food!"-Louis yelled while laughing.

Harry stood up and walked to river next to tent.There was a bucket.He put bucket in the river and walked to me.

"Don't you dare Styles!"-i yelled.He just smiled and poured water over me.

"Hey!Do you that i will kill you?!"-i screamed he just laughed.I started to run.God he is so fast.


It's half past nine.

"Hello and goodnight."-Louis shouted.

"Wait Louis!Guys everybody in tent now!"-Niall yelled.

"Ok,so who is sleeping with who?"-Niall smiled.

"Liam."-Zayn said.

"Niall!"-Louis said and Niall smiled.

"And there's just one bed.Harry?Minna?"-Niall smiled at us.

"Okay.haha"-Harry smiled.

We went to our bed.Harry wrapped his arms around me.God he is strong.

I woke up to see boys packing.

"What happned?"-i said.

"My sister is in hospital."-Harry yelled.

"What?"-i screamed.

We arrived to the hospital.Doctor,Gemma(Harry's sister) and Anne (Harry's mum) walked to us.

"Mum,Gemma!"-Harry yelled.

"Don't worry baby."-Anne said smiling.

"Who is this?"-Gemma looked at Harry and me.

"Umm.she is my girlfriend"-Harry smiled.

"Oh..."-Gemma mumbled.

"As i said don't worry.Gemma is pregnant."-Anne said.

"What?!"-Harry hugged Gemma.Oh it's so cute.


Harry was with his family and i was the boys.I mean i was but Louis,Niall and Liam went to party.Zayn was home alone.With me.I saw him coming downstairs and sitting beside me.We watched TV when he started talking.

"Look,i don't like you.You are..."

"I know,you want me to go."-i said.

"Exactly"-He smiled.This was first time he is smiling.wow.

"Okay."-I said and went upstairs.

I packed everything and went to the front door.I was so sad,but i know if i said that i won't go Zayn will do something with me.He makes me scared.

I haven't got money to go back to my home.I just got money for some motel or..yeah.I found motel  which is far enough from the guys.God i will miss Harry.

Month later 


As i said i will miss Harry.Yeah.My family know where i am.They aren't coming for me.They are angry.I lost my family.But,Janna is coming.Huh..maybe she'll help me.I heard knock.I went to door and saw Janna.

"Hey Minna!"-she smiled.

"Hey!"-i said sadly.

"You will not call me inside?"

"Oh..yeah"-i said and she walked in.

"So...what happened?"-she asked.

"Well,after concert Harry took me to the backstage,he asked for my number,then he asked will i go with him to London,and then he asked will i be his girlfriend.And becouse i am stupid i answered yes for everything.Then Zayn,when we were home alone , said he wants me to go of them.and hell yeah now i am here."

"Wow,just wow."


"So what about Harry?He didn't call you?"

"Yes,but i didn't answer."


"Becouse he isn't what i expected."

"Oh.."-she said."Then go back with me to Serbia."

"I can't."-i said sadly.

"Why?!"- she asked.

"That is problem.I...Harry....We slept together..and i am ...."

"What!?"- she yelled.


"Wow..."-she said."That fast?"

"Uhm...."-i cried.

"Shhh don't cry..don't cry.."

"You can go with me anyways."-she looked at me.

"But what about baby?"

"She is with you,and she doesn't need to know about her dad now."

"Oh..okay.Thank you.I don't know what I'd do without you."-i hugged her.

We arrived to Serbia and i came to my family house.I said everything to them.Yes they were angry,but happy becouse i am with them.


I hope this is little bit better.haha.but yeah.please like and favourite.

Love,Minna.:) xx

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