Harry is Kayte's cousin. Verone, Kayte's enemy, does not know that. After she does, she tryis to steal Harry away. Will Verone ever get away with him?


4. Harry The Hero

Kayte's POV

"You!" I heard as someone pulled on my hoodie. I couldn't see who it was clearly because the ''someone'' smushed ice cream on my face (sorry. what word is that -_-) All I heard was: "Gary! Stop it!"  Tears escaped my face as the ''somebody'' released me. I ran to the nearest toilet. Gary is Verone's boyfried. She must have asked him to do it.

(H is for Harry and K is for Kayte)

K-- Harry. I c-can't do it anymore please come.

H-- What's wrong?

K-- Harry, p-please!

H--I'm coming straight away.

K-- Thanks, Harry.

                                                                          * * * *

"Is that THE Harry Styles?" 

I turned around and saw Keke standing there, her mouth was open.

I nodded. 


A/N I'll try to update as often as possible okay?? :) 

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