Harry is Kayte's cousin. Verone, Kayte's enemy, does not know that. After she does, she tryis to steal Harry away. Will Verone ever get away with him?


13. Explaining it to Niall

"Keke--" Harry Cried. But it was too late. Keke already shut the door. I tried to comfort him but he rejected it. "Just... leave me alone and let me think." I sighed and nodded. Keke sure was pretty, but should I forgive her? Should I talk to Zayn? Was she lying? Harry left me in a mess. NIall must have seen me depressed when we came over. I wasn't really that close to him, but he looked kinda hurt too. 

"Are you okay?" he asked in a comforting voice.

"I'm fine." I smiled, trying to ignore the frustration building inside me.

"Are you sure?" he gave me a weak smile. "Cause' you seen like you don't"

"I'm okay!" I confirmed.

"Come on, tell me. I know you need advice." he insisted.

"Okay, okay fine. Let's go to my room. With all 4 boys here, I think it'll be a little awkward."

"Right. Okay." he said, grabbing a bag of chips.

"Don't spill anything!" I told him.


"Okay, spill." he demanded.

I took a deep breath, and started blabbing out words, "After I went on a date with Liam, I came back and I saw Keke lying on the bed. Then she went down to get some chips and I thought I could check her phone. Well I was bored! So anyways, I checked her phone and she was chatting with Verone! I got furious and told her to explain but then she started chasing me when I said I was going to show it to Hary but then she pounced on me then Harry came up and asked what was going on here but I couldn't explain because Keke was lying on top of me so I ave Harry to phone and when he read it he got furious too and forced Keke to leave! But Keke didn't want to! At first she refused but then she went And... I could see the hurt in Harry's eyes!"

"Woah, woah-- You wnet out with LIAM?!"


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