Apologize(Louis Tomlinson)

Short story about Louis Tomlinson.


3. Can you forgive me?

I woke up. I got ready and walked out on the street. He usually goes int he store at this time. I will wait, I decided. After half an hour, I saw him walking out of the house. Seeing him, my heart starts beating fast. Yes, I was still in love with him as a first day. I started walking, as I were looking at the ground. He walked towards you. When he was a metar away from me I hugged him. I didn't think it's something unusual, cuz he was used to. „Do you want an auto-…“ I pulled back. He just stared at me  and took a step back. „I wanna talk to you“ I said. „We already talked, we finished this“ „No, no, I won't give up, we didn't finish“ I said with tears in my eyes. He looked away „Please, give me just one more chance. If I mess up this time, I promise, I will give up. I won't bother you anymore. Please, just one more try…“ „Okay“he said. You two went to his house. I have seen that he didn't wanna give up on you, but he was broken. „ I won't mess up this time“ I said to myself. I came to his house. It was a not so big apartment. You climbed the stairs and sat on bed. He looked at you. „ Lou“ I started. „Look, I know I hurted you, and I'm really really sorry. I apologized many times and I will keep doing it. I'll apologize for doing it till the rest of my life. Because you're important to me. You can't even imagine how much you miss me and what you mean to me. I know you're hurt and, believe me, it didn't hurt me less. I regret it everything I said. And, you have to know, I won't get over you. 'Cause I can't and I don't want too. If I have to be like this my whole life, I will be. That will be my punishment for hurting you. And if you decide to forgive me, what, well, I know that it's just a tiny little hope for that, then I'll fix everything. I'll make you the happiest man on Earth, I promise…And the reason why I came for another chance is because I believe in us. Even if I know that I don't deserve you, 'cause you don't deserve to be hurt. Maybe you have somebody else, maybe you forgot me, but I still believe in you and me. And I know that someone like you I won't find anymore. Someone who cared about me so much, who always made me laugh, who helped me so many times, who cheered me up when I was sad, someone who I can be crazy with and laugh like an idiots, someone like YOU.“ I stopped. I couldn't believe that I just said that. The words just came out of my mouths. And I was sure that I would talk for ages if I didn't stop now. I looked at him. He pulled his head down. My words touched him. „ I'm truly sorry, from the bottom of my heart “ I said. „ This is all so great and nice… but, It still hurts “  „ I understand that“ I pulled my head down and try to hide tears that were rushing in my eyes. It all fell apart. He was broken and that's means that every hope that existed is gone. We were quiet few minutes. „ Could you at least forgive me? “ He looked at me. „ I know that now, chances for us are gone, and if you want it like that, there's nothing I can do. But if you could forgive me, it would mean a world to me. I don't ask you for anything but that. But if you won't, I'll understand that too. “ “ I don’t know “ he whispered. Okay. I tried to stay calm. I would usually cry in situation like this, but I didn’t want him to see me cry. I stood up. This is over. You have nothing to say to each other. I pulled my jacket on. “ It’s okay. I don’t ask for anything. And I will keep my promise. I won’t talk to you or bother you anything. You’re free to forget about me. Yes, that would be the best. Live your life just like you did before I walked in it. I was just a problem. That’s the last time we talk, so I wish you all love and happiness on the world. Be with a girl who makes you happy, when I couldn’t do that. “ Tears. They slowly find their way down. I wiped they away. “ By, Lou, forever” I slowly got out of the apartment. 

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