1D Imagines

This is nothing special. Just a bunch of imagines for people who comment there name, guy and sexual or non sexual. Also you can put in abit of a plot if you want something specific. I'll do all at first so get in there!!!

Miki <3 xoxo


2. Niall For Casey

I was just at my job at Starbucks and I had just finished serving the worst customer ever and i was actually really pissed off. I turned started to walk when I walked into, lagit... INTO a guy with a buzz cut. 'Oh my god I'm sorry I didn't see you there!!!' I was really worried, I spilt hot coffe all over him. 'What the fuck?!?! What's your problem?! Do you know who I am?!?!?!' He screamed at me. He grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me violently. 'Im so so so sorry. I-I-ill buy you a free coffee, umm... Two! Two free coffees!' I stuttered trying to please him. He picked me up from my shirt and was about to punch me. I closed me eyes tight and waited for the impact. What? It didn't happen. I opened one eye. Then the other. A blonde guy came was erring up him and he put me down. The blonde guy was yelling at the other buzz cut boy and got him to walk outside. He looked at me. 'Im really sorry about him. Are you ok?' He spoke quickly as if he really cared. He stared at me waiting for my answer. 'I-I-I'm fine. Thankyou. I'm Casey by the way.' 'So are you sure your ok?' He asked hurried. 'Umm... Yeah. I just...' He walked out the doors of they cafe. I looked down really disappointed. I looked back up and he was heading back towards me. He came up and asked me. 'Can I borrow your phone?'. I wish I could stop stop stuttering. 'S-s-sure... I guess.' He grabbed my phone out of my shirt pocket after flicking my cherry red hair out of the way first. He used my phone to call the phone in assuming is his as it rang from his pocket. He hung up. 'Now I have your number' he smiled. I laughed. So did he. My boss came from around the corner. 'Casey, take your 10 now.' He told me. 'Thanks.' I thanked him. He looked in my eyes and I looked in his. We both just kept smiling like idiots. 'You know, since you have your Break now, do you wanna hang out?' He wondered. 'Umm... I think you might want to get back to your friend over there.' He turned around and looked at the boy with coffee on him death staring me. 'Dont mind him. He's just a dick head.' We laughed again. 'Hey, you never told me your name.' I told him. 'Oh, sorry. Most people know it already... I'm, Niall. Niall Horan.' My mouth hung open. 'Oohhhhh. I thought you looked like him, but I didn't want to say anything incase it was wrong and I'd look like a douche.' 'So, I'm sorry but are you a directioner?' He asked. 'Yeah. Really. I love One Directionen.' 'Who's your favorite guy?' I chuckled. 'You.'

3 years later

i flattered my dress. Yes, I'm finally marrying Niall. Took him two and a half years to pop the question. But I didn't hesitate to accept. I was given the cue to open the door. Just one door away from marrying Niall. My love. I put my vale open and took one deep breath. I opened the door and saw him. 

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