Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


52. Chapter 52

Joci's POV
I walk in Tessa's room and sit on her bed.

"Here." I say giving her the note

"No matter what you give me I'm not going on tour."

"Okay well I just had about a fourty five minute conversation with your significant other."

"What happened."

"He had a breakthrough Tess."

"Does he hate me?"

"Tess, if hated you would this still be his background on his phone?" I say taking his phone out of my back pocket.The picture was taken a few months ago when they first got together.They looked so happy.It was like one of those pictures you get when you buy a new picture frame.When she saw the picture I saw traces of a smile on her face, but not a true one."What's wrong?"

"I still can't go."

"Are you insane?!He doesn't hate you?!"


"Fine you read that note and I'm going to give Luke his phone back."


I walk across the hall and give Luke his phone. "Sorry I forgot it was in my back pocket."

"It's okay. Did she read the note yet?"

"I don't know if she has now but she wouldn't why I was in there."

"Why not?" He whines.

"Because she's stubborn as you are."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"If you weren't so stubborn, you two would be back together by now."

"Get out." He says laughing and pointing to the door.

"Fine but we're watching a movie later." I say walking out.

"Who's we."

"Me, you, and probably Calum."


I walk back into Tessa's room and she's crying.


Tessa's POV

When Joci walked out I decided to read the note. I opened it up and there was nothing but one word and it wasn't written in Joci's handwriting. It was in Luke's. And the one word written was please.

"Tess are you okay?"


"What's wrong."

"He loves me Joci."

"Damn skippy he does. You know if this whole thing with Ash doesn't work out and you still hate Luke, I just might go out with him."

"JOCI!"I know she is kidding but still...

"I kid. I kid. Now figure out what the hell you're going to do to fix this." She says patting my leg.

"Where are you going?"

"To watch a movie."

"With who?"

"I dunno, probably Calum."


Joci's POV

I wasn't lying, I just wasn't telling the complete truth. I go down stairs and do a happy dance because Julie's not here. For once. You know I'm glad Calum's happy but he's my buddy and I can't be losing my buddy over some pet store chick. Haha get it cause chicks come from pet stores. You think since Ashton's practically famous, and I'm best friends with 5SOS and his sister that I'd have a life. You're wrong. I'm so so lame.

"Sup buttercup?" I say sitting on the couch.

"Nothing much."

"Well, wanna come watch a movie?"

"With whom?"

"Lucas and I and probably Ash."

Yeah you see where this is going.

"Sure I guess so."

"Where's your girly friend?"

"Oh," He says sounding sad.

"Oh what Calum?"

"Julie broke up with me."

"That bitch."



"Because her dad didn't approve of our relationship and said he wasn't gonna let her go on tour."

"I'm sorry Cal."

"It's okay. I'll just go back to cuddling my pillow."

"I'm gonna get you a dog. But until then you can borrow Titan."


"Now scurry up stairs."




I walk upstairs and into Ash's bedroom.

"I need my dog."

"Whyyy?" He whines.

"Because I'm gonna go watch a movie with Calum and Luke do you want to come."

"Yes I don't want my girlfriend in there with two overly horny guys."

"Ashton. You're so weird. But your right."

"Come here." He says.

I go sit on his lap in the bean bag he has on his floor.


"I just really want a hug that's all."

"Then I'll hug you."

"I love you Joci. I don't think how much you realize that. I mean your my everything and I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you.''

"I think we're in need of a proper date." I say and he laughs.

"We could do a twitcam." He says.

"Okay but not now. I'm trying to get Lucas' girl back."

"So you're on his side this time."

"Just this once. And that's only because I can see how much he really loves her."

"I know and that's why I'm also on his side."

"Alright take Titan and-- Oh my gosh! I know how can we get Tessa to go on tour."


"Can't talk but do you think Harry would want some money?"

"Yeah I guess what is going through your brain."

"Can't talk I'm gonna go ask Mike if he wants to come watch the movie. And when Luke asks Tessa is coming say not it. And tell that to Cal."

I walk into Mikey's room and he's making a keek.


"And here's Joci. Say hello."

"Hi keek."

"Isn't she charming? And I have 5 seconds left oh shit byeeeee!" I laugh and ask him if he wants to come watch the movie with us. He says sure and I tell him the same thing I told I told Ash.


We walk into Luke's room and I sit on the bed bye Calum who is cuddling Luke. Ashton and Mikey sit at the foot of the foot of the bed with Titan.

"Did anyone invite Tessa?"

"Well no and I just sat down so I'm not gonna. So not it!" I say.

Three more not it's fill the room and Luke mumbles something Like the f word and how we're all going to pay. He still loves me.


Tessa's POV
1000 thoughts are going through my mind.What does the note mean?Does this mean he wants me to go on tour?Does it mean he wants to get back together?Or does it just mean he wants me to stop being so depressed and act like nothing happened?I don't know which one I want it to be, but I do know that even if he wants to get back together I can't do it just yet.I need a little more time.I mean I want to be with him, but I don't feel like I'm...ready.Does that even make sense?

"Tessa?" Someone says knocking on my door. That someone is Luke. 

"Come in."

"Listen every one is in my room and is watching a movie and I was wondering if you wanted to come watch it too."

Thor jumps off the bed and runs to Luke.

"Hi baby. I missed you."He says rubbing the space behind his ears.

Seeing boys with puppies is about is as attractive as seeing them with little kids.

"I would love too. And it seems as if Thor would too."

"Alright then shall we?"He asks putting his arm out.

"We shall."



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