Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


42. Chapter 42




Luke's POV

3 days.Just 3 more days 'til  I get to see her again.I'm so excited.It's been almost a  full month since the last time I saw her.I don't even know how we've made it this long.

Our managers have allowed us two weeks off to rest and visit all of our loved ones.Since we started touring in London we have to leave from the U.K. to go to America.We're going to be staying in America for a week and then heading back to Australia so we can talk to our parents and stuff and then after we spend a few days there we get to go back to the U.K.

Everything we do has to be planned at least a week ahead now.I can't complain though.I'm living out my dreams and it comes with a price.The way I see it, we're doing all of this for the fans and it is the least we can do for all the support they're giving us.We seriously wouldn't be here without them.

Packing is a major pain in the ass because my clothes are everywhere.And I  mean EVERYWHERE.I seriously just found one of my shirts in the bathroom cabinet.


Calum's POV

I have a girlfriend. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Julie and she is a beauty. I have a girlfriend. I have a girlfriend. I hope she likes to snuggle I hope she likes to cuddle. I have a girlfriend. I have a girlfriend. I bet she looks good in my clothes. I have a girlfriend. I have a girlfriend. I bet she's even better in person.

Ahhhh 2 days until we go to America. 2 weeks off. I get to hang out with non computer Julie. One week til I see my mom and sister. Oh! And Joci got excepted into Sydney. Which I think is so cool. Like you girl girl. Oh is Ooo Kill em? I don't care. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I and I want to kiss her real bad. I think I might go kiss Luke just for the heck of it but he might tell Tessa and then she'd rip off my face and then I couldn't kiss Julie.

You know what? It just occurred to me that she's probably seen my butt. Oh gosh. What have I done now? She's seen my butt for Christ's sake. My ass. That thing in the back of me that is in between my back and legs. I have really got to stop with my public nudity. I have Julie now. I can't lose her because I keep showing the 5SOS fam my ass.


Ashton's POV

Let's do this poo! I'm so ready to see Joci again. I Skyped her last night. She's seems really ready for me to come home. She said Tessa hasn't eaten a bite of Nutella since 5 days ago. We board the plan  to Australia. I can't wait to see her. And Tess. And Harry. Oh yes. She also said Harry hasn't left the house since she took him on the Adventure. My mom actually called me and told me just to come get his birth certificate and just give it to Joci. She's afraid he doesn't love her anymore. I reassured her that Joci just babies him and that's why he likes her. Though we all know the real reason. Little man can have anything he wants just not her.


"Ash." Calum says.

"Mmm What?"

"Wake up we're landing."

"We're landing?"

"So I get to see her?"

He laugh. "Yes."

"And hug her?"

"Yes, now wake up you're freaking me out." Then he slaps me.

"Thanks Cal."

"No prob buddy."


Well, I'm awake. I want Starbuck's but I'm awake. AND Joci and Tessa shall be here soon. It's 7:45 and they are supposed to be here at 8:00 so until then, lets get coffee and make a keek.


Joci's POV

"Tessa." I say.


"Wake up it's time to go."

"We get to go to America now?"

"Yes." I swear her and her brother act like five year old girls when they first wake up.

"Woo hoo."

"Yeah you get to go see your boy now get dressed we only have fifteen minutes and it takes 10 to get there."

Lucky for us we planned and ahead and put all our junk in the car last night. On to Julie.



"Wake up it's time to go."


"Come on we only have 15 minutes and it takes 10 to get there."

"Okay. Okay I'M UP GOOD MORNING WORLD. Oh and Joci."

"Morning Julie."

Now Harry.


No Answer.


"I'm already up." he says walking out of Ashton's bathroom.

"Oh shit you scared me." I say covering my mouth.

"Don't worry Ashton and Tess cuss all the time."


"What time did you wake up?"

"I've been up since six. Is that Ashton's hoodie you're wearing."

I laugh.


"You're weird."

"Why? My only hoodie is in the car under all the suit cases."

"Oh okay you're not weird."

"Plus I like the smell of your brother's hoodie."

"Okay you're weird again."

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