Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


39. Chapter 39

Tessa's POV

I am 500% done with all drama.If Michael and Dani don't get back together,oh well,it wasn't meant to be.If they do,that's good too I guess,but I'm not interfering they can handle it by themselves.

I guess you could say that I saw this coming.I mean,Dani spent ALL of her time sulking in his room.How was I supposed to think everything was okay.I overheard one of their conversations on the phone once and this is pretty much how it went:



M:What's going on?

D:Nothing much.

M:Are you okay?

D:Not really.I just want to see you.

M:I'm sorry,but you know that can't happen.

D:Please Michael.

M:I'm sorry Dani.Goodbye.

That's it.Afterwards she started crying really loud and I was going to comfort her,but I didn't want her to know I had been eavesdropping.It was really depressing.I figured sooner or later they would break up,but I wasn't expecting him to do something like THAT without even talking to her.

She came back to the house a few hours after she left with he eyes really red and puffy.She said that she probably wouldn't stay long and that the only reason she came back was because she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to all of us.Michael doesn't know she's here.

They REALLY need to get their shit together.


Joci's POV

My mom has confirmed that I am going "home" in three days in order to "say goodbye" and "get all my ratchetness out of her house". Only my mom. Apparently, there is someone who "wants to say goodbye" because he "hasn't seen me in forever". Ashton, Tessa, Calum, Luke, Julie, and Mike are coming. Only 5SOS. On the other hand, my high school crush, has been texting me constantly. Weird. He asked me two days ago if I wanted to hang out and I responded with

yeah just board a plane to Australia and I'll text you the address when you get to Sydney

He replied with


I responded with

Yup I see 4 kangaroos daily

He then asked

OMG are they like your pets???

Only him. Only him. On the other hand my mom read the tabloids and found out that my childhood best friend's brother (Ash) was touring with "ONLY THE BIGGEST BOYBAND EVER" according to my sister. She has yet to find out that my childhood best friend's brother (Ash) is my significant other. And if I can help it she never will because my dad would never approve of my living with my boyfriend. He thinks that I'll have sex at a young age and have more mes running around everywhere. Even though I completely believe in sex after marriage as well as Tessa. So right now I am pack pack packing so in three days I can see my wonderful boyfriend and my awesome family. Until then time to Skype with Ashton.


****ring ring****

A: Heyyyyyy

J: Hey Ash

A: Whatcha doin'

J:Packing  and cleaning the house so we can leave

A: Ahhh. Well you wanna meet someone?

J: Sure.

A: Hey you come 'ere

In front of me behind a camera stands the one and only Louis Tomlinson.

J: Hello

L: Hi!

He really is perky

A: This is Joci.

L: Really? It's a pleasure to meet you. Ashton doesn't shut up about you.

J: Sounds like Ashton.

We talk for a while. Apparently Louis has some kind of special thing with his girl friend and needed advice. As awkward as it was talking to a complete stranger he is Louis Tomlinson. Apparently he's Ashton's favorite next to Harry who wasn't available at the time. Ashton asked me how Tessa and Harry were and I replied with good. I'm taking Harry on an adventure tomorrow. He said it was good to get him out of the house.

A: Thank you for taking Harry out tomorrow.

J: No problem.

A: I think Harry approves of us.

J: And why wouldn't he?
A: Harry... likes you.

J: Aww that's cute. But I'm not going to dump you for your little brother Ashton.

A: Well that's good to know.

A: What are you doing for him tomorrow?

J: That is for me to know and you to find out.

A: You won't even tell me?

J: Nope but what I will tell you is that Harry is coming to America with us.

A: Really? How'd you manage that?

J: Dude, your parents LOVE me.

A: That is true. Well look I have got to go but I will see you soon.

J: Oh my God you're right I do too! Night Babe.

A: Night love you.

J: Love you too.

I close out skype and head downstairs. I see Tessa on the couch.

"She gone." She says.

"Who? Julie or Dani."

"Dani. She just packed up and left. She said I can't be here anymore because it hurts her to much. Oh and Julie left too. Not for good though. She had to work."

I get Titan and set him on my lap.

"That sucks. Well I am going to bed because I have cleaned and packed all day AND I'm taking Harry out tomorrow."

"Fun. Fun. Out with my little brother."

"Oh God Tess put a sock in it and get a life.''

I take Titan upstairs and text Mama Irwin.

To: Mama Irwin

Don't forget I'm taking Harry out tomorrow.




From: Mama Irwin

Thanks for reminding me. Even though Harry won't shut up about it. :) lol he can't wait.



To: Mama Irwin

Awe he's to cute alright goin' t bed tell him I said goodnight.


From: Mama Irwin

Thanks :) he said goodnight


I curl up underneath the sheets and so does Titan.

"Love you too Ty Ty."





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