Love is like fire.It's beautiful and dangerous all at the same time.The perfect balance.That's what makes it the best thing a person could possibly feel.It's a risk,but it's worth it.
5SOS fanfic

Slight use of explicit language (sorry)


23. Chapter 23

Joci's POV

"I wouldn't say stuck." He said.

"What's going on in that brain of yours Irwin?"

"This." He says kissing me passionately. Not the oh yeah we made out the I really and truly do love you. When he pulled away we both just smiled. "How would you feel about going on a date with me?"

"Just you?"

"Just me."

"I think I'd have to take you up on that."


"Really really." I said quoting Shrek. I love that movie and so does he. When I lived here Tessa, Ashton, and I would watch it all the time.

"PARFAIT!" He yells.

"Ogres have layers."

"So do cakes."

"'Cause in the mornin' I'm making WAFFLES!"

"I'm down with that."

"I'm going to get ready."

"You promised me waffles." He says with a pout.

I kiss him. "There is that better?" He smiles.


I raise an eyebrow.

"Can you teach me to do that?"

"You can't raise your eyebrow?"


"That's just embarrassing."

"I know."

"I'm going to get ready what do I need to wear?"

"Something comfy."


I walk out of Ashton's bedroom to see Mikey, Cal, Luke, and Tessa sitting in the hallway.

"Please no tricks right now. I have a date to get ready for."

"Oooo a date." Cal pipes up.

"Since when are boyfriend and girlfriend not allowed to go on dates?"

"Defensive much?"


"I'm helping you." Tessa says.

"Fine fine."

I pick out what I want to wear and put it on. Tessa looks me up and down.

"He said dress comfy."

"You look great. But you might need this." She said handing me a hoodie."


I walk down stairs and see Ashton is not there.

"Where is Ash--"

"UPSTAIRS!" The boys yell.

I walk back up the stairs and knock on Ashton's door.

"Ashton open up."

He opens the door.

"Hey." He says sadly.

"What's wrong?''


"Why are you sad then?"

"I'm not sad."

I kiss him. He kisses back. We are now in a full out make out session which is incredible. Absolutely perfect.

"I love you." He says.

"Me too."

We lay on his bed.

"You wanna just stay here like this forever?"

"I'm down with that."


He kisses me again.

"Wait, I promised you a date."

"Fine get dressed."

"Get out of my bedroom."

I walk out of his bedroom and sit outside his door. I don't want to go down stairs so I just pull out my phone and play on it until he walks out.

"Lol stalker much?"

"No I was to lazy to walk down stairs."

He picks me up and carries me down stairs.

"Thanks babe."

"You got it dude."

I walk over to Tess and hug her head. "I'm leaving keep them in line."

"Bye have fun stay safe.USE PROTECTION!Wait that's my brother and my best friend...NO SEX!."

"NO PROMISES!"Ash yells on our way out the door.

I hit his arm."Ashton!"


"No sex."I say to Tessa making her gain a relieved expression.

"Good because first of all that's gross,second of all I don't want baby Jashtons running around."She winks at me before adding,"Yet."

"Eww!Okay we're leaving.Goodbye."I close the door and grab Ashton's hand."Finally alone."

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