Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



35. Skip

Chapter 35: 

Dustin's POV:

I then guided her out the back exit

We were exposed to the football and soccer field out in the distance. She looked out at the fields in amazement instantly letting me know shed never been out here before. 

She then turned back to me with a cold stone expression, "why'd you do it?"

I didn't really have the answer for that statement.. It's not like I meant to do it... I guess I'd start with that, "Alice, you have to understand that I didn't mean to do it. It was a full moon and.. And you kissed me! I lost control!! I'm- I'm sorry Alice.."

She sighed as she let the truth sink in. I new she had a feeling it was because of the kiss..

She finally said, "I know.. And I was stupid and drunk. It shouldn't of happened," I was slightly hurt by that. It was all a mistake to her, "I was drunk and stupid. I shouldn't of even went to that damn party in the dirt place!"

I didn't really know what else to say to her. I new with how well she was holding it together that Klaus had been training her. I guess I should of figured that much. 

I then managed to say, "if it means anything I truly am sorry.."

She nodded, "like I said Dustin.. I know."

All of a sudden we heard the bell ring from the inside. 

I guess that's our Q...

We both enter back into the school. I wonder how well John was gonna take this...

Alice's POV:

I new he was sorry. How couldn't I of know he was sorry? It was dumb to actually start to think that he had Intentionally done it. 

I haven't seen Cody in days. He's probably still pissed at me. Caroline hasn't looked at me the same way really. She knows something is up. She knows me and klaus is not a mistake. And John? Well johns a hole other story. He's been in the dark about everything. He knows nothing about me and klaus; I hope, and he knows nothing about the bone fire. I mean he's the one who told me not to go in the first place right? Or maybe that was someone else? I don't remember.. But all I know is John is gonna be hurt the most. He always is..

As I made my way to my locker I ran straight into Harry. The hot sexy senior that liked to check me out with no shame. 

He started to say sorry but then stopped when he looked me over trying to recognize who I was. 

He then gasped the word f*ck under his breath. He contined to check me out. I cleared my throat, not in the mood for his perverted actions. 

He then realized at how much he was staring and snapped out of it. He mumbled sorry and said, "y-you look amazing.."

I smiled towards his complement. His soothing voice kind of washed away all my hate for the world at that moment. I then said, "thanks hazz.."

He finally asked me, "w-where did you go Friday night. I-I saw you one minute then the next you where gone with.."

He stopped himself from saying Dustin's name. I could see the discomfort on his face. The cocky flirtatious boy I grew to know, has now turned into a shy scared self confident guy in less then a few moments. It was as if he was afraid of something that had happened. 

He must of seen me dancing with Dustin. He must of seen the way I had kissed him. He had stood there jealous. Wishing that, that was him. I could almost see him standing on the outskirts of the crowd watching his flirt toy get played with.

The fact that I'm actually caring about his emotions is shocking me. I myself don't even know what's possessing me to think these soft thoughts towards him. 

Wait am I?-


No way am I doing what I think I'm doing. 

Am i reading his thoughts? Am i connecting to his memory's? His feelings? I didn't know I was capable of such a grift.. But then again, I am a werewolf now..

I felt sympathetic towards him. I could see that he liked me. I could feel the jealousy. 

I then said, "I'm sorry Harry. I barely remember a thing from that night.. I was a little to wasted.. I should of never of drank that much. I don't usually drink."

He nodded casually, "I should of never of let you drink that much. I should of known.. I'm sorry."

Him. Harry. Harold. He was apologizing to me. I've heard what people have said about him. He's a flirtatious jerk that never stays attached to anyone. He makes friends with benefits and drops people sorry on their ass. 

For a moment I don't believe his words but then I see the purity and true self behind it. 

I know that it's not a big deal that he's apologizing to me for letting me over drink but the fact that he cares enough to say that warms my heart. 

By this time the hallway is cleared out and everyone is in their classes. 

I then smile a little. 

Harry then asked me, "why are you smiling??"

I laughed a little, "do you want to go on an adventure?"

"An adventure?"

I rolled my eyes and say yes. He then asked, "schools starting. Where could we possibly go?"

I then bight my lip and asked, "how okay are you with skipping school?"

I hear his heart skip a beat and a slow grin starts to form on his face. 

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