Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



14. People

Chapter 14: 

When I arrived at the school, I checked in with Ms. Ross in the main office. She asked me why I was coming in late so I had to think of a quick lie. I ended up telling her I had car troubles this morning and had to wait for a tow truck to come and get me. 

She bought the lie and wrote me a pass to my next class which didn't happen to be a class at all! It was lunch! Which would save me the stares from my fellow classmates as I walked in, halfway through the class hour. 

When I walked into the lunch room I looked around to see where there was a table. 

I spotted Dustin at a big table in the middle of the cafeteria with the cheerleaders and his jock friends. I quickly canceled that out as an option. I'd rather not sit with a hole bunch of overly peppy cheer girls... 

Then I saw Caroline sitting with John at a table in the back of the room. So he was back... I decided that wasn't an option either. I really didn't want to deal with John right now. Especially with what happened between me and- I stopped myself from even thinking his name. I needed to forget.. 

I then saw an empty table on the other side of the cafeteria, away from all of the people I was trying so desperately to ovoid. 

I bought a lunch and made my way over to that still, empty table. I sat down and started picking through my food, trying helplessly to not let my mind wonder. I tried to think of other things.. Like seeing Dustin after school. That was something to look forward to, right?

As I sat and fantasized about how my school supplies shopping was gonna go with Dustin, the lunch bell rang. Signaling that lunch was over and we needed to start moving to our next class. 

Luckily my next class was advanced art with Dustin. I was a little excited for this class. One, because it was with Dustin. And two, we we're starting a new project today. 

As I made my way to the art room, someone snuck up behind me and shouted 'boo' in my ear. 

I jumped and almost let out a scream but stopped myself. I looked over to see a smiling Dustin. 

He then said, "I scared you didn't I?"

I laughed, "no you didn't!"

He chuckled, "did to!"

"Did not!"

He smirked, "fine. Then tell me why I can literally hear your heartbeat pounding from here?"

I giggled, "because.. I make an effort to walk."

He laughed, "sure you do."

Before we new it, we where entering the art room and taking our seats. The bell rang moments later. Mrs. Groff, our teacher, began explaining the new project. 

She said, "the project we will be starting today will be done in pares," me and Dustin both looked at each other with grins, instantly knowing that we picked each other, "you will be given a topic and will have to creat something that represents your topic. For instance. If you picked a monkey as your topic, you couldn't just draw or sculpt a monkey. You would have to create the MEANING behind your topic. So monkeys like bananas right? So do something that has to do with bananas! I expect all of you to get creative with this and no, you can not use monkey. Think outside the box. I will not be grading this on your level of skill. Ill be grading it on your creativity. Partner up and get to work!"

Me and Dustin scooted our stools closer together to symbolize that we where both taken. Since Dustin was the only one with a sketch book.. And pencil for that matter.. He was doing most of the idea plotting. 

While we sat and brain stormed, we finally chose the topic of love. We both thought it was cliché to chose love but the possibilities where literally endless with a topic like that. We decided that if we where gonna do something, we where gonna go all out so we decided on doing a sculpture. We didn't know what of yet.. But we'd get there eventually. 

Soon the class ended and the rest of the day dragged on as usual. 

When school finally came to an end, I made my way to my locker to grab my hand bag. Once I grabbed it, I headed for the escalators. Before I even made it close to the end of the hall, I was stopped by Dustin. He had a big smile on his face and asked, "are you still coming to the store?"

I nodded with a smile, "yes of corse! I was headed there right now."

"Oh cool! Do you want to ride together? When we get there you can see how exciting it is for me to check in?!"

I laughed, "that'd be great. We can take my car."

He smiled, "perfect," then he paused, "can I introduce you to some of my friends??"

He glanced over at a group of some of his jock friends. I contemplated my options and decided it couldn't hurt to know a few more people. I finally nodded and Dustin jumped up with a smile. 

He grabbed me by the hand and tugged me over to his equally as gorgeous friends. 

He said, "guys! This is Alice, the new girl. New girl, meet Harry, Nathan, Luke, and Mason; some guys that play hockey with me."

Harry had dark curly brown hair and bright green eyes. He was well built just like the rest of them. Nathan had dirty blond hair that he left shaggy and had blue eyes. Luke had light blond hair spiked up and light hazel eyes. And, Mason had black hair that was kinda wavy that he kept up in a quiff that kinda curled over like the rest of his hair and he had brown eyes. They where all also pretty tan. By what I understood, they where all juniors. I think Harry was a senior but I think that was it. 

I nodded with a smile, shaking all of there hands. We all stood there talking about random things, getting to know one another just a bit more. About 30 minutes later, Harry looked at me and Dustin and seemed to be speaking for the rest of the guys when he said, "well, we better get going. We've got some training to do."

I nodded with a smile and said, "well it was nice meeting all of you."

They all nodded and either said , "nice to meet you too," or, "the pleasure was all mine." As they all started to flake off, I either got a fist bump or a welcoming hug. 

All of the boys seemed nice. 

As me and Dustin made our way to my car, he asked, "so do you like them?"

I nodded with a smile, "ya. They all seem really nice."

He smiled, "ya they are."

We finally made it to my car and Dustin let out a whistle, "nice wheels!"

For some odd reason I found myself blushing, "thanks.."

I unlocked the car and we both got in. I started the car and began to drive in the direction of the store. Hopefully I won't be bitten like last time.. Maybe ill have a normal evening for once... Maybe..

*I want to let y'all know in advance that I'm sorry if I don't post as often as I should. I have a lot on my plate at home and things are just stressful. But thank you for reading this. It really means a lot.*

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