Golden love ~Vampire~

Golden love is about a girl named, Alice. As soon as she moved to Beverly Hills in LA, things began to change at her new school, Bev prep. Within the first day, her hole world is turned upside down. She began to believe in the one fairytale creature that's been setting fear in lives since before time.



52. Home

Chapter 48:

Alice's POV:

I must of fallen asleep because the next time I opened my eyes, klaus was gone and the room was dark.

Klaus must of left because my family was home. I could smell their sent from here. Moments later my mom came crashing through my door and turning on the lights with a big smile on her face.

She then excitedly said, "guess where we're going for the rest of this week!?"

I shook my head lazily, "I don't know, where?"

She seemed to pick up on my sad demeanor and her smile faltered, "what's wrong honey? You look a little sick.."

I weekly attempted a smile and said, "no I'm fine. What is it?"

She reluctantly continued and said, "Well I was gonna say we were going to visit back home with family to give you guys a break and ketch up but if your feeling under the weather-"

"I'll go!"

My tone shocked me but it was true. Visiting back home sounded like heaven. I really just needed to visit with my normal friends and get back to my normal life even if it was just for a week.

She then smiled, "great!"

Before she turned out of my room I asked her, "isn't spring break in like two weeks though?"

She smiled, "yup. That's the beauty of it. You'll have a double break. I've just been thinking that since the two of you have been working so hard and everything's been going great that we all deserved a break."

I nodded. She was right. I needed a break or I'd probably explode. Everything was just so hectic and home sounded like heaven to me.

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